My "college" education

So my name is Karen. My husband, Tim cheated on me with a big boobed redhead at work. I threw him out of the house and my friend introduced me to a therapist.

So Frank, my therapist was explaining to my husband that the five men were here to help tutor me. I was still sucking Frank's c*** and having the hardest time not rolling on the floor in laughter. Tim tried a bit of whining begging to me and Frank jumped up and b**** slapped him a few times until Tim feel to his knees. Frank was standing over him, with his big c*** sticking out from my husband's robe. It was one of those b**** slaps an alpha male gives to the zeta, last and lowest in the pecking order. So Hot.

Frank grabbed him by Tim's left ear. His c*** was about an inch from Tim's mouth. "You do not have any say in this, little boy. Understand?"
He then slapped Tim two more times and pushed his c*** to his lips. I was stunned when Tim submissively opened his mouth. Frank looked over at me with a smirk. I juped up and threw my arms around his neck. I was so past in love with him, it was silly.

"Bring him in the living room, men. Time for him to work on saving his marriage." They seemed to know just what Frank wanted because Tim was naked and tied to a chair within two minutes. They carried him into the bedroom and set him facing the bed, stripped and started to ravish me. Frank just stood there next to Tim. I really wanted Frank in my arms, inside me. I wanted Tim to know who owned me heart, mind, body and soul. Pleasing Frank's friends was an awesome second choice, however. They f***** me silly. And after shooting inside me, would pick me up like some Goddess and carry me over to Tim and make him lick me clean. The sexiest was when they tipped his chair back and I squatted over his face.

Later, when I needed a pee break, Frank had me squat over Tim again. Took me ages, I mean my god six men are watching shy me, but eventually need overcame shy and I let a stream go right into Tim's mouth. I have never enjoyed peeing more in my entire life. Frank then made Tim lick me clean. Took me less than a minute to come.

So for the next week, different men had s** with me. Frank taught me more about oral s** (absolutely love sucking now) taught me how to take two and three men at the same time.

Frank seemed to have an army of friends. He would leave for work, my husband, now in a c*** cage, wearing my panties under his suit would go off. Three to five men were always there. Frank laughed and called it Shift Work.

Eventually, he made Tim bring his girlfriend to the house. I got to whip her stupid fat t*** and p***** in her mouth. Turns out she is not just a s***, but a total submissive who loves rough s**. She is now my live-in maid and Tim is a sort of butler, maybe buttler given that a few of Frank's friends like using his butt for recreation. Sharon is actually sweet and I don't hate her nearly as much as I used to, I do get a rush when she signs over her paycheck to me each week. I mean I am allowing her to drink my Golden nectar. That isn't free, sister.

So after a few weeks, I settled down. My husband signed a confession and contract. Frank even had it witnessed by a judge! Frank eventually went back to his house. Turns out he has two of the most adorable love slaves, with big brains and boobies even smaller than mine.

He does come and visit. His friends are here constantly. He didn't want me to get lonely. I told him I would be happy to live under his girls, but he says I am a married woman.

Sharon sleeps with me most nights, when there is room in the bed. I usually send the men to sleep in one of the guest rooms. Nicer to sleep with Sharon. Tim sleeps on the floor on a mat he has tucked under my bed. I hate having to walk to the bathroom in the dark. Sharon too.

So that's a little bit of how I got even with my husband for cheating on me. I'm now pregnant, Sharon too. Someone is the father. Definitely not Tim. House is in my name now, same with the cars. Tim's is a ten year old junker. His pay is sent directly to my account. Lately his boss has been making regular deposits in my sperm bank.

Apr 8, 2015

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  • I'm quite sure this is fake, but on the off chance it isn't, you are a sad, pathetic, insane individual.

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