40 years ago

When i was 8 i can remember it like yesterday
I was at my friends house staying all night
I got up to use bathroom in middle of night.
And my friend was not there i look for him then i gear his mom talking to him.
I peek in her room and she was sucking him on bed
I hurry back to bed and about half hour later my friend came back .
I was staying two nights and the next night I couldn’t sleep.
I hear his mom come in and get Tim.
I pretended i was asleep.
I waited and then went to see. She was sucking him again I stayed peeping in.
She laid down and pulled him on her and i know now he was f****** her. She was holding his butt pulling him in her.
I really didn’t understand at time.
I went back to bed and never said anything.
We were 8 or 9
That was 43 years ago

Jan 8, 2020

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  • 8 or 9 what the f*** nothing gets hard.
    I read about a mom who breast fed her 8 yo.

  • Boys get hard at that age

  • H*** they get hard when still in diapers. Wtf
    Still sick lady

  • Love to watch you licking each others p****

  • I can not recall a time my mum didn't suck mine, I learnt to eat and finger p**** from her

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