I like girly guys

I am a 20 years old girl and I like girly boys. I am talking about people with an actual d*** but skirts, cute outfits, long hair.
A couple days ago I was at a party. I met this 18 bi guy that has a really feminine body and is really cute and I took him in my house and we were kissing and stuff. I was pretty drunk and I asked him if I could dress him up with my clothes (laughing like I was just kidding and it was no big deal)... he said I could (he was pretty drunk too). We had s** then and he was quite submissive and I quite enjoyed the experience.
I'm not a masculine girl and I always had normal boyfriends. Now I just feel like a weirdo...

Apr 9, 2015

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  • Sometimes I'm perceived as "girly" online because I write in complete, decently-spelled sentences and can empathize with women. You're not a weirdo. :)

  • I'm a mom and I dress my son in a feminine way. Not skirts although he would look great in a skirt but like I buy tee shirts and socks and even sneakers from the girls section. No flowers or hearts it's just the style and colour is feminine in a way.

  • That's totally normal! I love girly boys. (Not girl clothes or excessive makeup, but thin and small with cute faces and maybe a little eyeliner!)
    You aren't a weirdo, you are allowed to be attracted to whatever you want.

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