Stomach growl fetish

I'm a 13 year old girl and I love everything about stomachs. Especially mine, which is a bit pudgy. In my school uniform my tummy is packed in quite tight and there's always a bit of shirt that pulls up to show my sexy skin. My tummy always growls or gurgles and I get h**** off it. I love girls tummies and enjoy the sound, feel and sight. Another thing, I have a vore fetish and imagine being eaten by girls, even myself. For those who want to know, I have blonde hair, a few pimples and a round, kinda sexy nose (I have a nose fetish)
Also I'm a lesbian so guys, BACK OFF!
Girls, I'd like to meet someone with the same interests as me



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  • I am lesbian with growl fetish too. Maybe we can have a chat

  • I have a belly growl fetish do you have Snapchat I'm a girl but not a lesbian but we can be friends I don't mind

  • Where is your facebook?

  • Wow I have those fetishes and imagining those things about you made me wet. I'm a girl btw.

  • Somehow i don't think your being completely truthful. Tut tut

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