My fetishes

First off, my name is Stephanie and I'm 14. I'm also a lesbian. Be warned, my fetish list goes on for a while.

I have a stomach fetish. I enjoy looking at, feeling and listening to the stomachs of sexy women. But also, having a full stomach turns me on. Especially when my tummy starts sloshing and gurgling. Sometimes I like to listen to my stomach noises and that arouses me.

I also have a mouth and vore fetish. Women's mouths are a massive turn on and my ultimate fantasy is to be shrunken and swallowed by a woman (actually I would like this very much with my best friend).

I'm not sure if this is a fetish but I like certain noses on women, the button and rounder ones. I have a sort of round nose and like to run my finger down it and get sorta aroused by how my nostrils are kinda showing. I know, it's weird.

I also like women burping (other women and myself) and strangely, like it when my friends punch me on my bare tummy. I like it when other people hear how hungry I am.



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  • I love tummies

  • I have a belly growl fetish do you Snapchat

  • Ps I'm a girl 15

  • U need to grow up and be a REAL person and start looking at the opersite s**

  • I'm a guy and i have a fetish for sitting astride women's stomachs.

  • Would be nice if you were a girl

  • Mmmm you had me at 14 and lesbian

  • You a chick?

  • Please comment or something

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