Could've been so much sooner part 2.

My husband had been pushing me to expose myself all night and especially after he found out I wasn't wearing underwear but I wasn't comfortable doing it in front of friends so when we went inside he he was still in a mood if you will, He handed me a piece of paper and and dropped it, I squatted to pick it up and he basically just tapped me on the head to knock me over, I fell back, Caught myself on my hands and came VERY close to spreading my legs right in front of my BFF's husband, I twisted and sat down and glared at my husband who laughed.
He was drunk and high and had started to doze off so I told him to go to bed and he stumbled off, My friend had put some music on and started dancing provocatively with me, we were just being drunk housewives and teasing her husband and somehow she had gotten me facing him and was behind me and said something about a lap dance, I reminded her that it was probably a poor idea since my underwear had long since disappeared, She laughed and said she remembered and pushed me toward him, I told her to cover his eyes so she went behind him and covered them, Probably not very well but I straddled him and fixed my skirt to cover everything and she uncovered them, He was very....Interested in the sight infront of him, I kept grinding and pulling my skirt up to show the tops of my stockings, She moved behind me and was fumbling around in the back of my top, She unclipped my bra and we fished it out and she held it up saying "This thing is like an industrial hammock for bowling b****" swinging it from side to side as we all chuckled.
Things were really "Heating up" but we were trying to keep it light and laughing lots, He said he needed to "Adjust", My BFF, My closet friend ever basically cupped my vag tucking my skirt in, I sat up and gasped and he reached in his sweats and pulled his c*** so it was pointing up and it was VERY obvious, There was like a mountain in his sweats and his wife said "Bahaha, Honey", He shrugged and said "What do you expect?" and I sat back down but more on his thighs instead of right on top of it, She laughed and said "Don't be scared, Just dont fall off", We had never been in a situation like this and I didn't know where it was going to go, I was beyond h0rny, Like my mind was in so many places and she was pushing my but forward so I slid forward and sat on it, I swear it was like sitting on a coffee mug, Ok, Not quite but it was massive and i didn't think about the grey sweats at the moment but s*** went completely sideways right then and there.
Me and him were staring into each others eyes, She was behind me laughing and guiding my hips and then he reached around me and pulled her against me, She reached down and grabbed my b**** jiggling them laughing and saying "Oh my god honey, look at the size of these things", there was some groping, some touching and then he held her against my back and somehow her skirt got pulled up, Looking back I am like WTF but she put her hand under my chin and tilted my head back, Kissed me and pulled my top up, He was groping me and then grabbed my...Nips which is, was and always has been the way to finish me, I started to shake and went to get off him, He pulled, she pushed me down by my shoulders and I grunted an uncontrollable man grunt and said "Ooohhh myyyy fuuuck" and laid my body against his.
the weirdest thing about the whole thing was her grinding on my back, like straddling both of us and yeah, I had a fricking wet spot on my back, So weird and gross but regardless, I was sitting against him coming and I could feel myself coming, Such a weird feeling but my whole body was shaking and he was holding my hips grinding me and then I sat up, Leaned back against her and even with me sitting on 3/4 of his c*** he pulled his sweats down and he had one hand on my hip, One hand folding his sweats down and his thumb tickiling my c*** and he still had probably 3 inches of his c*** out and shot his load on his stomach.
I had one more final...I don't even know, not a full O but a full body tense up and came some more watching him come and then me and him kind of froze, She was still laughing and dancing while she now held me up and he looked down at my vag, S*** got a little calmer after we came, I didn't know how to end it so I tilted my head back and kissed her then did this weird stand and twist move that I don't think I could ever pull off again. and then we both looked at him and he was watching us, Breathing heavy and had a wet spot in the front of his sweats the size of a dinner plate, I was so embarrassed and he had his c*** out stroking it which was when she said "Oh my god honey, WTF, Put it away" and then it just kinda ended.
Everyone just settled down and I went out for a smoke, I could hear them sorta arguing in the bedroom since the window was right there, I went in and the house was quiet, I went and cleaned up and went to bed, the next day they made an excuse for why they had to leave after only being awake for an hour or so and they were gone. Me and her didn't talk for a week which is by far the longest we had ever gone without speaking since the day we met, Finally she called me and the first thing she said was "are we ok?".
We talked for hours that day, Not even exagerating hours and she told me she was sorry and that she was pretty sure someone at the bar had slipped us something which looking back wouldn't surprise me with where we were and especially what happened, She said she felt like she couldn't control herself and apologized over and over for pushing me to do it, We made amends and honestly I think we were closer than ever.
Two weeks ago, my BFF died in a car accident, I am still a wreck and don't know what to do with myself but after the funeral 3 days ago I went back to their place with him and we were just sitting drinking and talking, Reminiscing and what not and I kissed him, he pulled back and said "I don't know if..." and I kissed him again and in 10 minutes I was on my back, trying to fit the biggest c*** I have ever experienced in me, I have had my share and none were overly small in my mind but it was an entire night, like all night of just straight up slow and steady and O after O after O, I have never been multi but he brought me to O at least 5 times and maybe more, o******, Crying, More o****** and in the morning I left.
I haven't spoken to him yet but I want to, I want to be with him and I want to have the life I should have had from the night we first met, i know it's awful but there is no going back and I wouldn't if I could. I just want my phone to ring and for it to be him.

Jun 4, 2021

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