Tummy fetish

I have a stomach fetish ever since I was little ( 4 years old- present) would get an urge to hump a pillow (masturbation) while watching vidoes of people with gurgling stomachs/stomachaches (dont know why I do this lol!! Also fascination for cute boys stomachs (I'm a girl, started at puberty). I have a bf and I like to touch/ rub my boyfriends stomach alot. It is kind of chubby so its soft and squishy and i think its attractive even tho hes self concious. I also like to try to rub his tummy when hes not feeling well or if he ate too much in attempt to help him feel better. Also I rub his tummy to help digestion in general (caring for him). He doenst really say anything as to why I touch/ rub his tummy alot. But no one knows about the first part of my fetish. I hope someone out there has something similar to me. Why do I have this??

Nov 29, 2016

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  • I love to sit,trample, bounce, jiggle on female stomach.
    I like it when I sink deep in the belly
    Email me rahulvedh98@gmail.com

  • Gut punch him

  • I have the same fetish as you. I had it since i was a little girl. It's funny how i have found someone with the same fetish as me. I always thought i were the only one on the earth. But when i found out it was a fetish and found this group i were so happy. I didn't thouht i could find someone with the same fetish as me. A little about my fetish: I both love when it's hunger and when the person is stuffed. The belly sounds are so sexy to me and i get really extremly turned on by this(this is both in my dreams and daydreams. So it's very hard for me to struggle with this in the public, school or when family members or friends come to visit). I do have a vore fetish which came later in my puperty. I hate when someone brings it up in reality though. I get very nervous, shy and uncomfortable and try to change subject. I just want to be accepted and not bullied about this. Cause it's not always easy for me.

  • I have exactly the same thing as you, If you'd like I'd be happy to exchange photos and noises via email or something

  • I would like to talk about it and exchange things with you, im 22 yr old female

  • Hey so do I, I’m 24 year old female email @lolabunnyy95@yahoo.com

  • Really? do you have snapchat? add me and ill send you my stomach videos. my snap is mikeemannnn
    im 23 / m

  • Literally I have 100% the same thing and I don't know why it turns me on so much either

  • Same here

  • Twitter @fiestavirtual4 male i love female belly

  • Hi there it great to see and read all your thoughts.You seem like a good person have a great night.

  • I'm a girl I touch myself while listening to belly noises videos

  • I'm a girl with a belly growl fetish it's such a turn on

  • I have this fetish to I'm a boy

  • You can snap me to see pictures of my belly..

  • ,,I love belly buttons too :) instagram @question_man08 and snapchat @lit_homie100

  • What's your Snapchat

  • Omg where like the same person I'm a teen girl do you have Snapchat

  • ,,,I love belly buttons too :) instagram @question_man08 and snapchat @lit_homie100

  • I'm also a teen girl do you have Snapchat we can be friends

  • ...I love belly buttons too :) instagram @question_man08 and snapchat @lit_homie100

  • Hay am a adult boy I love this poluraj26@gmail.com

  • Whats yours?

  • I love belly growls

  • .I love belly buttons too :) instagram @question_man08 and snapchat @lit_homie100

  • My situation is almost identical. I thought I was the only one in the world. Thank you for your bravery in posting this!!

  • I'm a girl and I love having my stomach pushed on! I would intentionally get a stomach ache so my ex would rub and press my stomach!

  • Would you like to chat? I’m a girl

  • I love belly buttons too :) instagram @question_man08 and snapchat @lit_homie100

  • Hi there you should never intentionally get a stomach ache to have anyone rub on your stomach. I'm just giving you my opinion have a great day or night bye for now

  • Yes I love your stomach puss and poke hard and sitting also talk me poluraj26@gmail.com

  • How to contact you , your facebook or insta.......i live in delhi male 19 and have a great fantasy of belly punching

  • You are my kind of girl. I love it when girls fake stomach pains. The bend over, doubled over, doubled up stomach holding positions!!! I love spoon cuddling girls with stomach cramps (real or fake) from behind and massage, caress, push, probe and press into the pit of that stomach deeply and into the core of that lower tummy.

    I'd love to do things to you in the pit of the stomach and lower tummy core, hurting them a little and them get behind you and comfort same in the same way.

  • I’m a girl with a belly punching/torture fetish-male or female. Oh the things I would do to you and your lower tummy. Then. I’d give you a nice hot oil massache to help your tummy acheand kiss and lick your belly button and stomach. Come and be my belly slave! Let me play with your tummy!

  • Im a guy and I enjoy being punched and tortured on my belly too. Wanna chat?

  • I like it done for me from album girl

  • Instagram fiestavirtual to talk

  • I share your fetish. i think it would be wonderful to take care of your tummy when you have a belly ache.

  • What if I throw up

  • Well I have a belly button fetish and I want to rub/finger/lick belly buttons

  • Your fetish seems perfectly harmless. Don't stress.

  • I've always loved having my face pressed against a girl's tummy, partly because I find myself VERY turned on by the area between the bottom of her b**** and her waist. Often I would go to sleep with my face on her belly. Although it's not exactly the same as your fetish, I think it goes back to when you were in your mother's womb, since it's the same area, but you're just on the other side of the skin. Then again-who knows! Tummy Lover, Fl

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