I hate being a mother

I absolutely despise it. It isn't anything like i thought it would be, it isn't anything that I wanted for my first child and I. The man I was with fur almost ten years ditched me for his ex the moment I got pregnant. I went through my entire pregnancy without any support from him, in fact, he and his ex made it a point to harass me throughout my pregnancy. But I was determined, I loved the little life growing inside me, cried and felt overwhelmed with love when I first laid eyes on him in all his eleven pound glory. That first week in the hospital I had nurses and family there to help, but then I had to go home. Every single day, from morning to night, 24 never ending recycling hours, I'm slaving to care for a fussy, wet, poopy, screaming ( he doesn't cry, he screams) infant. No one helps wash bottles, do his laundry, change him, rock him, serenade him, bathe him, dress him, carry him (he was eleven pounds so this got old fast), or hold him for hours since a lot of the time he won't sleep while he isn't laying on someone. And to top it off everything else in the house still needs to be done.

I can't eat, shower, brush my teeth, s*** or p***. I get no sleep, sometimes I yell at the baby when he won't be quiet.

I do love him and he did not ask to be here and I know he can't help crying because that is how he talks right now but I feel completely
hopeless. I cry myself to sleep when I can sleep, sometimes I just cry. I feel resentment towards his gather for abandoning me with this burden and at times I wish I could take it back it consider giving him up for adoption. But then I feel sad at the thought of him not being with me because again, I do love him. I just long for the days where if I Had nothing to do I could sleep in all day, where I could eat or go out with friendsv without having to worry about finding a sitter.
Besides those fun,"aww moments" and my son himself, I cannot find a single thing that is enjoyable about being a parent


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  • So sick of hearing 'I needed to have a baby and now it's here and ugh'
    making babies is not a new thing, you should of known all the hazards going in
    but no, it's always some bimbo crying 'omg soooo harddddd' like it is a surprise
    you bred instead of thinking, now shut up and deal

  • So much for "oopsing" him. Good luck with raising your failed attempt at keeping him away from his ex.

  • This sounds like a textbook case of postnatal depression or 'baby blues' you need to talk to a doctor. Ive been there. Its tough but it does get easier.

  • Sorry you are going through such a difficult time. He won't always be a baby. And you're right, when they are babies their cries are how they communicate. Sometimes babies scream or are fussy because of other reasons. Colic is a good guess. Is he allergic to his foods or clothing? Is his hearing okay? Is it gas? Have you actually told your doctor about this? Try to keep written notes, of what happens daily. Take notes on when he is calm and sleeping..or when the cries turn to screams. The more information you can supply a doctor, they can better deduce what's going on.

  • Comment below -Jesus is watching you!

  • Can you sell him?

  • He may be screaming because he has colic, this will disappear at 4 months usually. Also a child picks up on a moms feelings you'd be surprised.

    It is hard - I am a single mom. Just so you know having a guy there can actually make it worse! Mine did nothing to help and screamed at me all the time.

    In the end god sent you this promise of love!

    Try to not think about how tired you are, and find some soothing music you can play (that helps).

    Forget that s***** baby daddy - he won't be there period, and you'll both be better off for it!

    My advice, stay calm enjoy these moments because before you know it you'll be forced to work, and leaving him at daycare will be heartbreaking.
    Please go to school if the state can help you - because there is nothing worse than being exhausted, poor, and having to answer to govt agencies!

    Hoping you find peace with this!

  • Do not give him up for adoption, most kids that are adopted or in foster care get abused in some way shape or form. Be thankful that you were able to get pregnant with a healthy baby. You will enjoy being a parent in time! Just keep your head up and get through this and as for the father, do not let him get away with this. Hit him with child support and a paternity test to back up the child support order.

  • Give him up for adoption

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