Love to cheat

I love to cheat on my husband. I've been doing it right from the moment we got married (a quicky with one of the cute guys at the wedding reception in the limo). I've been cheating ever since. we've been married 4 years and I have cheated with dozens of men in that time. I never felt guilty. It's like, I am doing something I really like and it's not hurting him, because I love him and give him all he needs when he gets home. I never got any diseases or anything. Now I find out two days ago he's known about at least some of my affairs, and never said a thing about it. Now I feel bad, because if he knows, it probably has really hurt him. So what I did was, instead of talk to him, or stop f****** around, I saw one of my "regulars" and had a great f*** and went straight home to my waiting and h**** husband, had dinner, and then f***** him. Why can't I stop f****** around? I just love doing it. It's like smoking cigarettes-very hard to stop. (and yes, I smoke at least a pack a day and could never stop if I wanted to-and I don't want to!) I hate the idea of hurting my husband, but then I have another affair, and don't care so much any more.

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  • I cheat on my husband every time he goes out in the evening. My lover is my 13-year-old son. His b**** drives me wild, and he'such a good repeater.

  • I was sexually active at age 10. At first it was all oral. I lost my virginity at 13 with a black neighbor who was 17. I got married at 19 and my husband was 23. I was pregnant at the altar (by someone else), but it didn't matter to him, and he loves my daughter like his own. He understands my needs, and doesn't pressure or criticize me. I go when I want and sleep with who I want. I don't hurt him and he supports my lifestyle. I couldn't have it any better.

  • You don't have to stop f****** other men

  • Its obvious you don't love your husband, You are going to be in for a big surprise when he does find out. I suggest you tell him what you are doing. Would you care if he did the same to you?

  • Perhaps you should make an appointment with a therapist to try and figure out why you do this.

  • I'm having a girl - girl affair. It's hotter than sec with my husband but I still love him. I get guilty and come here but also I rationalise it away.

    Was your husband hurt - probably but hey add life goes on we all get hit with disappointments and work through them.

  • Now what if your thot a$s bring an STD back to your husband? Will you feel bad? I just don't get it, life is too short to string a person along when your being dishonest and not loyal. Let him be with someone who knows his worth.

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