Wannabe Sissy

I'm now a man in his 30s. As a teen I when I was alone in the house I would go downstairs to my parents room/den area and watch p*** while dressed in my mother's clothes. I never did makeup because I felt I'd easily be caught that way. I have always had a desire to be the girl in a p*** taking a thick c***. While watching the p*** I would also use my mom's vibrators and d***** to f*** my ass. One of my favorite videos had a scene with a curly haired brunette in red bra and panties having a bisex three way on a pool table. My step dad had a handful of gay/bi videos so I assume he was/is into that. Never found out.

He did come home one day when I wasn't expecting it and I had to scramble to get unclothed. My heart was racing as I tore the clothes off and hid them behind the water heater in the laundry room until I could put them away later. I had my shorts back on and was pulling a pop from the downstairs fridge when he was entering the house. However, I fantasized (still do) that I wouldn't have noticed him coming home and had him find me fully decked out in my mother's clothes and decide to force me into a s** session or confess to my mom what he saw.

That brings me to now. When my wife and child are away I often wear her clothes and watch internet p***. She's terribly conservative sexually so I don't feel I could share my desire to dress like a woman and have either her use a strap-on on me or invite a man into our bedroom. I would prefer a real man so I could feel his flesh in my mouth and ass. I'd love to have him spray his c** on my face, in my mouth and deep inside my ass while my wife joined or watched.

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  • I'm 55 and love f******, sissy men, I have a fat c***. Id make you be a dirty b**** and spank you over my knee, to warm you up, then stick my c*** un your mouth and d**** up your a*** till I spunked in your mouth, fingering you wife's c*** at the same time. Then f*** her as you watch, then you lick her c*** as I f*** you up the a***

  • My d*** got so hard reading your reply. That is the exact type of encounter I want. I'd love to taste your thick c*** and then have you fill me up with it. I'd love having you shame me in front of my wife and then take her too. I'd eat up all your c** from her p**** as you thrust inside me. I'd call you Daddy if you would let me. I would spend a weekend as your c** s***. Dressed up and waiting for you to take me whenever you felt like it.

    -Original Poster Sissy S***

  • I have just wanked my self off,you should have been here to clean me up with your tongue, suck my c*** hard so I could f*** you up the a***.
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