My father sexually molested me and I'm a boy

This only happened one time. I have no idea what my father was thinking about. I think he thinks I forgot what he did but I often think about it and sometimes dream about it. The memory is not pleasant.

When I was three or four for reasons of his own he performed oral a*** and f******* on me. He did it that one time and then never again.

I'm over sixty now and retired. Even though its been sixtyfour years ago I still wonder why he did it.

Like I said he never touched me again and as I grew older we went places together he sent me through college he bought me my first car etc.

If he had not done that one thing My childhood would have been ideal.

I sure as h*** never did anything like that to my kids or grandchildren.

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  • I don't want to be cruel or to discount what he did but forgiveness can be very lightening. Issues of our past just weigh us down. They cant be undone.

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