I like to go nude when no one is home

I like to go nude when no one is home and have been doing it for about 3 years now. I had a bf that kind of started it with me though I am no longer with him anymore and just like being nude when I am alone. I sleep nude, but guess others do that too so maybe that isn't such a big deal. Now that I have my drivers liscense I am thinking about driving nude and I really want to go someplace outside like the woods or something where I can be nude in the sunshine. Oh, and I really really want to be on a boat nude. I don't care what kind, sail or power boat. I've been on my dads sail boat a bunch of course, but not nude cuz I dont think he'd let me but maybe he will if I learn to sail it myslef better. He lets me borrow his car, so why nothi sboat? I don't really like the idea of nudist camps because that just seems kind of creepy but I think when I live alone and get my own place I will be a nudist. I love being nude!

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  • I'll cal lmy dad if I get a flat

  • what happens if you have a flat tire - will you change the tire in the nude? if so, let me know what road you will be on so I can enjoy the show!!

  • That's awesome!

  • I swim nude in our pool and also do housework nude when the kids are not home.

  • That's fine. Just bring a change of clothes with you so you don't have to be completely embarrassed when you get pulled over.

  • I am not bothered by nudity. When I was a baby I wanted to be naked all the time! But most kids learn about personal boundaries and private parts, and there is a reason why they are called "private"!!!

  • I like female nudity

  • Why are people bothered by nudity? You have no problem watching some movie where a guy kills 100 people in the first 20 seconds, but nudity is disgusting? You really have to question who is really the messed up one.

  • I do housework nude, and sleep nude, but trust me you don't want to do any cooking that way. Ouch. I have never been nude while driving but I skinny-dip all the time in my friends' pool and we've made out in there lots of times too; they are about 1000 feet across a channel from any other houses but I know some of those people probably have binocs or a telescope so I guess that makes me a little bit of an exhibitionist.

  • Move to f****** Africa and join a tribe then s***! And, yes you will get arrested for being nude in your car. indecent exposure dumbass!

  • I thought an exhibitionist just wants others to see them. I don't want that exactly, just to be nude is all. Why would I be arrested for drving nude if I stay in my car? I mean who would care if I drive nude?

  • Ummm, Ok. You seem a bit young to be an exibitionist, but I guess kids are more and more messed up these days. Oh, and I think you will get arrested for driving nude (or being in any public place).

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