Fantasy about aunt

Thus confesion is really true. I really want to f*** my aunt really hard. This is not my real aunt but near by it. I am staying in her home from one year. One day me and she were alone in home. She went to take bath but I don't know she does intentionally or not. She forget her clothes. She asked me to give her clothes. When I was giving her clothes she was totally nude at DAT tym.she kept the door half open n took out her hands n took the clothes from my hand.but I can feel she was totally nude. I don't know she want to get f***** by me or not...please reply

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  • Tell us your ages.. Anyhow, begin displaying affectionate gestures, kindness & always have proper manners.. Tell her she is special to you & have a good answer for how if she asks.. Be mature. Only she knows however be attentive for other innuendos that enable you 2 on a closer, personal basis like the clothes incident. Try to find ways that display your maturity. I'm sure she appreciates the security of having a man in the house at night. Try to expand on that concept. If you display the right habits & gestures that promote her to feel safe & secure, it may be a key to sleeping with her & f****** her. Your posting indicates she is ripe for mating..

  • My age is 24 n her age is 42 but bt seeing her u can't say that she is 42. She is fixable hot

  • Usually a woman will expect privacy when she is changing, especially with an
    older woman. Since your Aunt knew you were there and didn't make any
    attempt to hide her body from you, maybe she was just testing the waters on
    your reaction to seeing her naked. Maybe she has been having a fantasy about you as well?

  • I think the same...because once no one was there in house. She have pain at her back. She told me to check. I have rubbed her ass..but she didn't told anything. Once also I was just sleeping and she came and sleep beside me telling that m feeling sleepy. Tell to approach

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