A nudist family moved in next door to me

Me and my wife lives out in the country. there is one house beside use and not another one for about 10 mins. we were excited to get new neighbors. the people who use to live there was this mean old couple. last summer. we saw a nice looking family moving in a husband wife and there 3 kids 2 boys one is 15 and the other is 11 and 1 girl who is 8. about 2 days after they moved in I look out my bedroom window and I see them in there backyard **. the kids were swimming in there pool ** then I see the husband walk out of the house **. I went to my wife and said I think we have nudist living next door. she said really how do you know I said look out our window you can see in there backyard from here. she looked and was shocked. it was more shocking seeing the kids more then anything. the next day we went over and introduce ourselves they came to the door with cloths on. they invited use in for coffee there really nice people they eventually told use there nudist i did not say anything about seeing them already **. they said we like to live our life like this but they also said if it makes you really uncomfortable we will not do it. they said they got kicked out of there last home because to many people were complaining about it and they said they were also getting death threats because they were nudist. we felt really bad after they said that. we told them they can live there life how they want as long as they where cloths when we have people over we don't mind. at first was really weird seeing them ** at first but after awhile we got use to it and we became really good friends with them and me and my wife have even gone ** a couple times with them.

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  • You quickly become comfortable with being around ** people. We have neighborhood parties at a neighbor's pool, and there are few in the neighborhood who haven't seen each other **.

  • People in the United States make too much of a big deal out of **. I’m a nudist,but have a hard time trying to go ** anywhere. So I understand the neighbors. A few people in my family are okay with it and will go ** with me. But I would love to go ** more.

  • Ur so lucky.

  • And God said, who told you that you are naked? .... Adam/Eve's shame and attempt to cover themselves only occured after their minds became corrupted. God created them and us ad we are, who are we to question it. The idea of nakedness is in our heads, not our bodies. Its not the naturists at fault, its your minds.

  • Nudism is lots of fun, so freeing. I dated a girl after college whose family was a nudist family. They owned a pool with a tall privacy fence and had a sign, "Beyond this point, you will encounter ** sunbathers." I honestly thought it was a joke until one hot Saturday afternoon when I was invited over for a swim. I brought trunks and changed into them and went back out to the pool. The family (my girlfriend, her mom, and her dad) were already in the pool. Her mom asked if I was not comfortable swimming **. I stood there a minute and then dropped my trunks and stepped out of them and they applauded jokingly. I spent the entire evening there, **, and didn't worry about a thing. I felt like I got to know them better and realized that when it was time to put my clothes back on, it was strangely disappointing. So nice not to have a wet swimsuit After that day, I didn't ask or wait for everyone else to disrobe when we were swimming. I just stripped and jumped in.

  • That's cool. I would love to go to a nudist resort, but the wife said no way in **.

  • Yeah me and my wife are comfortable now going ** around our neighbors but not 100% on going to a nudist resort. they are trying hard to get use to come with. I will say its looks like a nice place but at the end of the day its up to my wife.

  • Always is controlled by the women in our lives. You have **, it's because your woman wants to. You have a **, it's because your woman wants to. If you go to a nudist resort, it's because your woman wants to. And if not, it's because your woman doesn't want to.

    Good luck, I hope your wife agrees to go. My wife wouldn't even wear a micro bikini let a lone go naked in front of anyone. And the bad thing is, she has a smoken hot body. She looks like she's 30 and she just turned 50. Her excuse is "nobody wants to see a 50 year old in a micro bikini". But at 50 she has a better body than a lot of 30 year old women do. She's just hung up on her age and can't see how hot she still looks. No one ever believes how old she is either. I'm 34 and everyone thinks she's my age. They think she's full of ** when she tells them how old she is.

  • Wow your wife wont even wear a bikini for you lol. I feel bad for you. our neighbors are in there 40s the husband is 48 and going bald and has a beer belly. the wife is 44 and plus size and even there not afraid to go **.

  • Hi my wife was much the same. She was a 40 year old ** and would be ** round the house but always has a robe and ** to hand. She would never expose her beautiful body too anyone else.
    About 10 years ago we went to Fuerterventura for 2 week's holiday the resort had 3 levels of dress in separate areas (family fully covered up) (Adult only **) and (Naturist).
    We spent the first 5 days in the family area but Nikki felt intimidated by the beautiful young mums with their slim bodies and the noise of the kids. Ryery
    We moved to the Adult only area which was over crowded with couples getting away from their kids for a romantic break too much much kissing and touching going on.
    That left the Naturist areas we walked down the steps and threw a gateway from outside it was completely screened off. Once through the gate there was a changing room and a sign requesting everyone should remove all clothing. Hats, shoes, & towels were acceptable no phone's or camaras.
    This put Nikki at ease. We made our way through the secluded areas and found a space with 2 sunbeds with a view of the pool and bar.
    There was naked people of all ages nationalities shapes and sizes nobody stareing or judging. We enjoyed the peace and quiet and freedom of being amongst like minded people.
    This is the only place Nikki will bare all in front of other's we have been going twice a year for the last 10 years. This has boosted Nicki's confidence and we now walk naked along the public beach together and have a great all over tan.

  • She will wear a bikini, just not a micro bikini. She wants to make sure her whole ** and all of her ** are covered. The micro bikini only covers her ** and her lips. And it just barely covers that.

  • It took me some time to get my wife go. Now she loves to go.

  • I had the same experience. Wife was a home nudist but terrified of someone other than me seeing her naked. It took me several years but after she did try going to a club she was all in. Been members of one for several years.

  • I have land out in the country and go ** when I'm there.

  • That's awesome is it just you or you and your family ** out in the country?me and my wife have tried it before with them. we like swimming in ** we go over there every day in the summer for a swim. there also trying to talk us in to going to a nudist resort called bare oaks family naturist park for a couple days this summer still not sure if we are or not

  • Nudewoma nextdoor

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