I have this urge to pull and pick at my hair. I search for the right one until I feel a split end or slight imperfection with my fingertips. Then I chop it or pull it off. And it's so hard to resist even if it's embarrassing.

I had short hair since junior high when it all started. I envy the girls with beautiful long healthy hair.

The anxiety and depression that accompanies this disorder is always there. I've lost hope in medications. I'm scared to tell my boyfriend about it because he tells me he likes girls that have long hair.

Does anyone else struggle with trichostillomania?
Will it ever heal?

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  • Rip those ass hairs out

  • Mine was a self diagnosis. I found that it goes in waves for me. When I was younger and in college, I would pick a little more. Thankfully, I never pulled my hair out in clumps or had bald spots. But I did have uneven areas. I thought the most difficult person to share this with was my hair stylist. A couple of things that helped me. Stay busy - can't pull your hair if you're busy or even exercising. If I found myself mindlessly doing it - I would take some deep breaths to just change my thoughts, get up to get a drink of water and do something else. But what has really helped is going to see my stylist more often. Get your hair cut more often or color it or have it blown out whatever.. I found that when my hair is healthy I didn't want to pick at it. And take biotin, that helps your hair, skin and nails. As for your boyfriend..yea, that's nice he likes girls with long hair. And maybe you like guys who aren't douchebags.. If you share this with him and he can't handle it or support you, then maybe you need a new bf. You don't need that added stress in your life. Take care of you.

  • Good luck with this obsession. This can be difficult to treat.

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