This is not a confession, I just want

This is not a confession, I just want to tell everyone on this site this:

When you see a post that is about incest, b**********, or molestation, DO NOT COMMENT ON IT!!!!! I am so sick of the same 3-4 people posting this crap on here like 5 times a day. So, ignore the guy who wants his sister, and maybe he will stop posting! Help me out here people!

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  • what about the dude that has somebody in his basement

  • Because everybody has grown used to it and are worried about why you would be infatuated with such a thing so much.

  • yeah but they don't shut up and mess up my post and no one comments on it.

  • You don't really have to do anything they ask.

  • ok after this one all I have to do is take a month off right?

  • I never came on my sister face i wish I did, but I'm not going to comment anymore after this.

  • I made some progress. I came on my sisters face.

  • One bird fly dog and cry to grape. To cat say know and try no bad song like mice.

  • I'm not around her that much, except when she comes to visit. She is 27 and i don't know why but i have a great big crush on her.

  • If you are 20 like you claim(lie) then the worst that could happen with you telling her is what? She quits talking to you? Also, what is her age and how are you around her so much?

  • So, then Zombie, you must enjoy reading about some sick perv's fantasy to bang his sister huh? I, personally, throw up in my mouth everytime I read a post from the guy, so I would prefer not to see the s*** if I had to. The site is for entertainment purposes, sure, but why must it be converted into an incest site? I am sure the original intentions of the site were not to be like this, wouldn't you agree? Oh, and just so you know, all of my confessions have been 100% genuine, it is people like you (and the incest guy) who ruin it for the rest of us!

  • NEWS people who live on this site and are upset about this stuff are all F****** LOSERS.

    90% of the confession on this site are BS. This is not a serious site you f****** idiots. Come here and laugh....its what this site has become.


    ps...brought to you by ZOMBIE

  • OK, if you make another post about incest before August 17, 2008 you will get a genital wart on the head of your d*** and even if your sister wants to f*** you she won't because of a big ol nasty, crsty and oozing syphillic wart on your d***. D***.

  • NEWS people who live on this site and are upset about this stuff are all F****** LOSERS.

    90% of the confession on this site are BS. This is not a serious site you f****** idiots. Come here and laugh....its what this site has become.


  • I agree.

  • only if my hands could reach you,id tie a knot on ur willy,n it would shut up for good

  • I will not make another post about incest of at least a month is that ok.

  • ok so tell her and destory my life is the final say because i would keep it bottle inside.

  • ^Please, just tell her TODAY! You keep asking for advice, and we keep giving it to you, so take MY advice, and tell her. Then, please just stop posting about it. Aren't there incest chat rooms that you can join or something, cuz we are all very tired of hearing THE SAME THING EVERYTIME!

  • I'm really 20 turning 21, I really want to bang my sister, i want to tell her but i don't want to destroy my life and advice on what to do.

  • I do enjoy hearing the dude wanting to s**** his sister. Its funny. This person is obviously a kid and their age has changed multiple times when I and other people have asked them.

  • and what if i post it once every month for new people on the site to read and if you already did then leave it alone.

  • so keep it bottle up inside

  • Yeah, those things are just totally disgusting!

  • Well do you think i should tell her and get it over with and destroy my life. Do you think i should just keep it bottle up inside and masturbated to the thought of her


  • Say what you have to say, also don't quit posting confessions.

  • ok thank you i'm sorry, I will just like to say one more thing if its ok.

  • Ok to the guy that wants his sister listen up cuz this is the only time I'll say it. I highly suggest you keep your feelings to yourself but if you absolutely can't do that then just tell her man. Stop whining about it on this site, grow a pair and let her know. She's probably gonna think you a sick m*** like the rest of us but dude you wanna bang your sister. That is all.

  • Ok I'm sorry, i'm just trying to get good advice on what to do about my feelings toward my sister. I keep posting it because, people do nothing but call me a sick freak. If it is on like the 4 or 5th page people stop comment all together, I will not post anymore of that for a good couple of months. I'm sick of the guy that yells at people for commenting on there own post. If some one ask you a question you have to answer.


  • Is that all you want? Gee, all I want is a million $. I have a better chance of getting my $ before the beasty-incest-bigdick posts stop.

  • Yeah, the I want my sister thing was amusing the first time but it's just getting old. At least change it to your grandmother or your friends cat or something.

  • No I am not. I do feel that everyone has the right to confess whatever they want, I am just sick of seeing a different variation of the same "I wanna bang my sister" confession every damn day from the same guy. It is just like, WE F****** KNOW ALREADY!!! He just wants our reactions, so if everyone stopped commenting on the posts, they would probably stop! And that is all I want!

  • So, are you the admin? Or do you just make policy for him/her?

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