What I have learnt from posting sexist messages

against men. (Although I'm sure it works vice versa for guys posting crud to get bites out of chicks)

People bite too much.
Seriously, I don't even mean half the crud I spout on here, and yet everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon the moment someone throws a (rather pathetic, cos my insults sucked) insult at their s** and then proceeds to waste their energy pouring out crud. So called intelligent responses which are really only consistent of all the little dirty words your school friends taught you back in high school. Come on now, if you never reacted to what I posted here on a manic whim in the first place out of everyday boredom, then I'd stop posting crud.

I'm gonna leave it alone for awhile, maybe do other crud on here that gives me a laugh if I feel like it. But will you please do yourselves a favor and ignore obvious stupidity. Like this blatantly straight confession for instance. You should probably ignore this and not feed the troll.

No really.

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  • OP here;

    I'm eating a pie!

  • ^yea

  • OP, that last thing you did all the comments were about Britain and America, not about men.
    That trolling started with someone saying England invented Ameria and someone else typed the definition of invent, and started talking about the Revolutionary War, not about anything you said.

  • Aww, this touches my heart, truly.
    Look stupid, we all know how trolls work, they insult you to get attention, plain and simple, and you have the trolls who keep the other trolls going, just typing things to make them respond.

    You think you invented it?

    -Pats you on the head- Aww, I'm sure you think you did.

    Like this post, I'm biting, but I'm biting because I know normally you'd respond with another troll comment after mine.

    You see, when someone calls someone stupid like I did you, the other person responds in an attempt do defend themselves. It hits a primitive center of our brains that causes us to respond to attacks (Of course in individuals such as yourself, the primitive core is larger due to you being much less intelligent.).

    Its a shame that this site has become mostly trolling now anyway, I don't care about the "I love my sister", "Men are stupid", "Women are stupid", those are mainly just bored idiots who have a few minutes at work or school(Sound familiar there idiot? I thought it might).

    there are however a few people that do come on here who do have real problems, and they deserve a little better.

    Thats all. I won't respond any more. I know you're itching to troll, but look on the bright side, you'll get the last word, probably more than you've gotten in your whole life.

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