I'm 21 and I want to become a

I'm 21 and I want to become a professional wrestler, but I don't want to take steriods or anything like that. I feel that I'm too old and should just give up, because I'm fat and need to get in to shape.

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  • LOL You should first focus on getting laid (and not by your friend's mom) i think then maybe you won't feel (and act) like such a loser.

  • no you didn't miss anything and so what your point I want to do all that stuff i'm a dreamer and thats it.

  • ^How many confessions do you have. . .

    You want to show off your 9 inch p**** that curves to the right?

    You like a girl who comes into your job, but are afraid to talk to her?

    You want to be a p*** star, but are out of shape?

    You always go for girls that are way out of your league?

    You want to s**** your friend's mom?

    And now you want to be a wrestler?

    Did I miss anything?

  • ok thanks I'll get to work out as soon as possible

  • That's what I thought too when I was laughin at him at first. But he just kept at it and he was in pretty good shape when I moved. I guess I should have told him but I always felt kinda proud for him. He really did work hard for it. But he really did it.

  • hey thanks for the support, but isn't that like something out of rocky or does it sound like it.

  • I knew a guy your age down the street from me. He was real heavy too. I saw him runnin around the block one day and I thought he was gonna die from a heart attack. The joke was on me when 6 months later he dropped over 40 lbs. He just kept on runnin. Last I saw him, he was still runnin around the block, but he was wearing boxing gloves and jabbing the whole time. Don't give up.

  • ok your not that old.

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