I was at Daytona beach trying to score

Soon after I graduated college I went to Daytona Beach and I got h**** looking at all the girls my age or a little older walking around in skimpy bathing suits.

I was talking to one of these cute girls and I couldn't win for losing. She seemed bored with my conversation and while she didn't say anything it was clear to me she wanted me to leave.

There was an awkward silence and I made an excuse to go and go I did.

Apparently a woman saw and heard what happened and started talking to me. She was very sympathetic and something else.

Even though she was nearly fourty she wanted me to have s** with her.

Well I was in such a state that even though she was nearly as old as my mother I did it anyway.

She did oral s** on me and taught me how to do oral s** on her. She let me have s** with her normally at first but I finished up doing a*** s** with her.

After we rested awhile we did it all again.

I live in Atlanta Ga and she lived in Boston Ma so I never saw her again.

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  • There are a lot of women her age who long for their younger years when h**** young dudes were trying to get in their panties. They may have regrets about not giving it up more when they were younger. They want to make up for it before they get too old to attract young h**** dudes.

  • Good learning.I am sure they don't teach skills like that in college.You probably knocked her up!

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