Relationships are weird

My girlfriend cheated on me, with this person. They have a girlfriend too. We found out. So me and their girlfriend started talking, and I'm starting to develop feelings for her. She makes me laugh, happy and she is sure one of a kind.

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  • Relationships aren't "weird" people are just nuts.

  • No, relationships aren't weird. You're weird.

  • Yes, relationships are certainly weird. Maybe you two needed to date those other two in order to meet one another. Think about the laws of attraction. When your best friends likes your one is ever okay with that, but it makes sense. You guys are friends because you like the similar things. So here's your solution, regardless of what happens because no one can say that it will 100% work out. But your gf cheated and you're sort of doing the same thing by developing an emotional relationship. Break up with your gf. Maybe this other girl will do the same with her bf and maybe you two will have a chance.

  • I ship it. <3

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