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I just want real advice. I recently married my husband two years ago after dating two years. My physical attraction for him has only gotten stronger. Now he can't seem to keep up. He is 20years older than I am. Is he just too old for me?

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  • 30% of men in their 50s develop ED. Mine's in that 30% and blamed me. I haven't had s** with him for almost a year, and if some other woman can make him get hard, she can have him. He couldn't perform the last time we tried to have s** because he couldn't stay up beyond 20 seconds. Refuses to take V***** too. So I chose to have a much younger lover who could keep up and stay up. We have a good marriage otherwise.

  • He's too old for you SEXUALLY. But he's not too old for you FINANCIALLY. Keep him, and develop some interests on the side. You sound like a woman who needs more than just one man, anyway. Really, there are such women out there, and there's nothing wrong with that. Enjoy yourself. You're young and you need to get something new in your life.

  • Communication is the key. Talk to him about what you want. Tell him it's his job to give it to you.

  • I knew when my husband started allowing me to use my s** toys for my pleasure while he was in bed with me -- rather than f****** me himself -- that the romance was over. Not long after, I started seeing other men, too. That's what you need to do.

  • Two years is too long to go without enough s**. Cheat.

  • my husband is 17 yrs older. i started playing around even before we got married. its the best solution. and its the most fun one too.....

  • You shouldn't have to beg your husband for s**. Or trick him. Have an affair. Or two. Or seven.

  • Those around us modify their behavior in response to our behaviour. Often the cues we give do not get the response we want but we don't realize why. You can get your husband to do whatever you want. You need to work out his buttons and be prepared to push them. Look at why you fell in love and look at what is different. If he can't keep up maybe he feels its not worth it. For example many wives take over organising the social life and husband's just go along with it. Step back and let him romance you. Flirt with him. Tease but make him work for it.

    I never "give" my husband s**. He has to work for it. I tease, flirt and this encourages him and if he is good Then he gets his reward.

  • Have an affair with a younger man, someone your husband knows if possible. You'll lover every second of it.

  • He isn't "too old", per se. I'm sure you love him and he loves you. And that is worth maintaining the relationship and staying together. It's just that your physical needs don't align with one another. You're going to need to find another man to do that, though, because while your husband may make more of an effort to make love with you, you're going to know that he's trying harder than he wants to. You want -- and need -- a man who wants to be between your legs, not someone who feels like he "has" to do that. You can keep your husband, but you're going to need to find another outlet for that passion that you have. Please don't sit and wait for this to improve on its own, or for him to "give in" and start doing you more than he has been. That's a waste of your life, and a total waste of the passion that you won't get back. Go find a man who wants you, and that you want in return. Keep it a secret. All women, every one of us, needs that intimacy and that pounding. Go get it.

  • I agree with ^her^. In my own marriage, I reached a point (like many women do) where I needed to feel special, pampered and sexy, like someone really cared about me and found me wildly attractive. My husband was/is a good man, but he did/does none of that. So I found a man (younger than my husband, older than me) who did all of that. I'm still married but still seeing that other man. And you know what? That outside relationship has actually improved my marriage.

  • I was in a similar situation though the age difference was a little more than yours. I told my husband what I needed, gave him ample time to provide, and when he didn't pick up the pace, I started dating. On the DL to be sure, but our bodies need what they need. Don't let yourself think of it as cheating: if your husband was doing what he was supposed to do, you wouldn't be seeing other men. Go enjoy yourself.

  • I agree with this woman above. Totally.

  • Many times (not always, but frequently), an older guy will marry a younger woman thoroughly expecting her to play around on the side: they know that they can't really "keep up", as you say, or perhaps can't really "keep it up", to be more blunt. And they know that their young wives are going to go out hunting on occasion: it's simply a physical reality and a sexual necessity. Your husband may not mind if you have boyfriends here and there, so long as you're clean and discreet. Bottom line: if he's not taking care of business, you need to go get your business taken care of. S** is purely for fun. Go have some fun.

  • The best cure for this or any other problem is communication, just between the two of you, or with the assistance of a good counselor. But if none of that improves things, then you may need to consider finding satisfaction outside your marriage. Best of luck.......

  • All relationships have ups and downs. Sounds like your still in the honeymoon period and hes not. This is normal. Hes settled down. Age has nothing to do with it.

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