Unwanted addition to school uniform

When I was a schoolboy in the seventies, I was a bit overweight and was bullied about it. In every school photo I have I always look unhappy, and no-one ever knew why. For years, those bullies thought it funny to, first of all, make me wear a girdle and later, when someone brought up the subject of my "b****", a bra. When anyone else looks at these photos, all they see is the school uniform. When I look at them, all I can picture is the long leg panty girdle and the long-line bra I had on underneath.

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  • I had something similar, but it was my mother (believe it or not) who was never off my back about losing weight. One summer break, she insisted I wear an old girdle of hers as punishment until I started shifting those pounds. (My dad was useless and never stood up to her, so I had no help there.) As the summer passed, and nothing changed, she got steadily more annoyed with me and upped the threat - it I didn't lose 5 pounds by the start of the new school year, she'd buy me my own girdle to wear to school. To this day I can still recall the sinking feeling I had when, as we were shopping for my new school uniform, she dragged me into the lingerie department and I had to stand there and watch her buy a panty girdle, knowing full well that it was for me. And that was nothing compared to the trauma of having to go to school on the first day of term wearing my tight new Playtex "I Can't Believe It's A Girdle". And she wonders why, in adult life, we've never had a good relationship!

  • School memories can be traumatic. I grew up in the 1970's and boys wore short shorts. My mum was shall we say quite intense about it. For school we wore a short sleeved shirt and grey shorts and boy were mine short. In a way photos bring back those times. Actually recently I was at a cousins house and we were flicking through their photo albums and there were some of those photos taken at Christmas time where all the kids were lined up from tallest to shortest and the most striking thing about me was that I was all legs. Long socks too mind you but lots of thigh and almost no length on my short pants. We all laughed when we looked at the photo but it did remind me that sometimes I did feel very self-conscious.

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