I got tired of this guy bragging

I was visiting my first cousin and he had a friend at his house. This friend was very intelligent and he had just been given a scholarship to a prestigious state university. He was understandably excited but his bragging and enthusiasm got tiresome.

I was five years older than him and my own college experience was less than exceptional. My parents had to pay my entire tuition and I B and Ced my way through college sometimes having to repeat a course. I did graduate but only with difficulty and from a mediocre college.

I was jealous so I decided to pull the plug on his boasting.

After one of his little bragging sessions is said. Well this is all well and good but there has been some disquieting revelations concerning you. I went on saying that apparently he had been hanging around with some gay guys and they had took turns f****** him in his ass. I looked serious when I said this but he said F*** YOU.

I persisted in describing him as the centerpiece of a homosexual orgy where gay men would line up to take their turn f****** his ass and his mouth.

He was a skinny kid and I was taller and huskyier than him so there was no fight only him screaming f*** you over and over again.

He finally realized why I kept putting him down and he quit his aggravating brgging.

May 11, 2015

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  • Wow. I can tell you are a dumb as a donkeys di ck bu your grammar. I wondered if you really graduated Heald college.

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