I hate myself

I am saving myself for marriage, but i've let a boy go down on me multiple times, and now i can't even look in the mirror. i hate myself.

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  • So "do pennance" by sucking him off and swallowing...

  • So "do pennance" by sucking him off and swallowing ...

  • Get over it. I appreciate that sounds harsh and blunt but I really don't mean it to. Most of the world's population have had sexual experiences. Don't think down on yourself just because you have. S** is the most natural thing in the world. Just enjoy the oral s** you're getting from him but don't go further unless YOU want to. You can also choose to just not have anymore sexual contacts, again, make sure it's because YOU want to.

    If you feel guilty for religious reasons then don't. In the Christian faith, Jesus had paid the price for any of your sins so you have no reason to feel guilty anymore.

    Next time you look in the mirror, concentrate on how beautiful you must be for a guy to want to share that experience with you and rest assured, you're a normal girl and there's nothing wrong with you.

  • It's natural to do these things, relax and enjoy yourself a little.

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