The day I left my wife forever and her lame attempts to get me ba

I made the mistake of marrying this short petite woman after living with her for fifteen months.

I knew hse had problems but I thought with therapy and decent treatment from me she would eventually feel ok.

Boy was I wrong. She spent every dime of both of our paychecks and ran two credit cards to the max and was working on a third card. She had apparently had the hots for a man she had once known and with whom she wanted to retain a friendship.

Her friend was an incompetant halfwit who f***** up everything and everyone he touched or ran into. I personally could not stand to hear the sound of his voice. Apparently my wife adored him.

One night when she was on her period she started yelling at me after we had gone to bed and she yelled out "You took me away from Randy, the man I really loved". She then said that she hated my g****** family and that she was only using me to pay her bills.

I said thanks for the information. I'll be looking for a lawyer tomorrow.

Her attitude abruptly changed. She said "your not kidding, your serious"?

I said yes that our marriage was history.

She begged she pleaded and told me she had not meant what she said and I told her wed talk about it in the morning.

The next morning she said she didn't want to talk about it and I said ok. The following week I took a day off from work and I moved my furniture out of the house to my parents home. I then left the apartment with a large note telling her that I was leaving her and explaining why. I went home to my folks house.

Ok she got home from work and called my parents. I got on the phone and she begged me to come back to her.

I told her to forget it.

It took a few months to make the divorce final and I heard on the grapevine that her lover boy had married someone else and had moved to another city with his new wife a few hundred miles away.

She kept trying to get me back by acting like a little lost girl again but this time it didn't work.

The last thing I heard about her was that she had married a guy who had brain damage due to drug use and he had to take a row of medicines a yard long.

I guess thats as good as the little b**** could do.

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  • Haha awesome

  • Hasn't she heard of karma? lol. Be glad you got rid of that trash.

  • Thanks. We reap what we sew.

  • I'm genuinely sorry you got roped into that, and for the pain it caused, but I am soooooooooooooooo glad that you found out what the score was, and that you had the strength of character and of will to break off the relationship and end her dependency on you and her toxic effect on your life. I've known women like that, and they are (most of them) skilled enough to keep the hook in long enough to ruin you forever. I would say you're lucky to be rid of her, but that's not true: luck has nothing to do with it. You're rid of her because you were strong enough to resist the temptation of her. Well done! And good luck with the next chapter of your life.

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