I'm having a wild sexual affair with a married woman

I went on one of those married dating sites and met a woman who like me was in a mostly sexless marriage because both our spouses had sexual affairs. Neither one of us were into s** with our spouses anymore because they cheated. We met at a coffee shop and went for a ride to a nearby park. We started kissing and feeling each other. In minutes she was giving me oral s** in the car. She was wearing a short skirt so I went in and gave her oral s** too. We made an arrangement to meet the next day and go to a motel. We met as planned, she was extremely sexual like no one I ever had s** with before. She loves giving oral s**, but so do I so we both spent a lot of time giving oral s** to each other. What happened next blew me away, she started licking my but and jammed her tongue in as far as possible. I was a little uncomfortable with her initially doing that to me but in a minute or 2 I started to enjoy it. I told her she didn't have to do that but she said she wanted to, so for a short while she ate my but and even fingered me.I started liking it. She was texting me last night saying she would do anything sexual I wanted and said she wanted me to have intercourse in her but, I said what ever you want, I'll do it for you. She asked me what I wanted, I said we can try anything you want. I said would you pee all over my face? "Sure I will, but you have to come in my mouth ok" I have never been with a woman like this. She is very sexually exciting, very pretty and 15 years younger than me. I really don't know why she's so into me but I did make her o***** as many times as we had the time for, I got her off 4 times in the motel and it would have been more if we didn't run out of time. So today after work I'm going to blow my load in her mouth and make her pee all over my face. I can hardly wait for this and what ever she comes up with next. My wife could never compete in s**, looks or appeciation like this woman does so I'm hanging on for however long this affair lasts. I know for me it's revenge s** for my wifes affair with her co worker but I never knew this revenge could be so hot.

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  • Sounds like a definite keeper. Ride this out as long as you can, enjoy the moment.

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