You and I both know it . . . . .

. . . . . there's no way your wife can compete with me. I'll have her out of your life, and out of my way, inside of six months.



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  • Plenty of good men would tell a corrupt w**** like yourself to f*** off. You think you're so special because you 'made' him stray from his family, truth is you're just a hole and he would've found another one had you not been around. You're not that hot, he's just not at all faithful. Go ahead and keep believing you've got some prize there lol

  • you are kidding yourself hun.......that man will never leave his wife and children for someone like you.......never.......

  • No, you're the one who is deluded. He tells me all the time that I have a better p**** than any woman he's ever f*****. And that it's so much better than his wife's, it's like she don't even know how to f***. He is going to wind up with me, f****** me alone, and raising our children, and it will be sooner than any of you even think!

  • Wow very naive!

    Everyone is hot and fun in their twenties unless you've had kids of course - that will suck the s** drive right out of you due to the sheer exhaustion of raising kids!

    What worries me the most is your callous attitude about having "better kids", that is a f***** up statement in itself, and watch it little girl god might humble your ass! Anyone who takes a dad away from his kids is a monster and karma will truly get you for it!

    You need to have better dreams!

  • If you knew his kids you'd know how wrong you are: those little s**** are a HORROR! I will give him smarter and more beautiful and just generally better children than the monsters his b**** wife has given him. She and those a****** kids of hers are about to be GONE! And he will so TOTALLY love me for bagging her and tagging her. And them. I don't care where they go, but they gotta go! And they will.

  • Yes the problem here is that women don't understand men. The wife cant deliver on s** but is possessive and jealous. But that is the way wives are. The mistress delivers on s** and wishes to be the wife. But it can never be. They both in a way wish to be what they can not be or do. I have had a couple of f*** buddy mistresses and once they start talking marriage or talk about outing me to the wife, they are gone. Dropped! As I have gotten older I have become more demanding of them and been up front that I am just using them for s**. Not for cosy comfort if that makes any sense. Family comes with duty, responsibility, a deep look after each other love. A mistress is for hot exciting games. For indulging the selfish self and they just need to know that and enjoy the ride.

  • I know what your saying. I have heard it before. Yes, my man behaved like that with some of the girls before me, and he started out that way with me. But now......he wants me more than her. A lot more. He won't choose to stay with that thing he lives with. He will choose me, because I'm more woman than his pitiful wife, and I'm a better woman than her. And he knows it. Yes, we play all those hot exciting games you talked about and it's wilder and filthier than anything she has ever given him (that's the first thing I find out from my men, so I can give them all the things the wives don't). But I'm more than just that to him. He wants it all. And he wants it all the time.

  • Somehow I don't think you get it. Actions speak. He f**** u and he lives with his wife and that's the way HE wants it. He tells you what you want to hear. Remember once you are the wife, he will be looking for another mistress.

  • So totally true! And I'm glad you're educating this child about the realities of this relationship she thinks she's in. What he's doing to her is what most men do. Like me, most men love their wives, but the wives aren't as sexual as they once were, so we go find young girls to have s** with. My wife is 47, and my current girlfriend is 20 and she is a F-R-E-A-K. OMMFG, there's nothing she'll say "no" to, and she will take it every day. I love f****** my girlfriend and I love spoiling her. She knows the score, but the one before her tried to blow up my marriage. Like the guy above, I told her "sayonara".

  • Selfish b****.

  • I don't mind being called a b****. I even like it. :)

  • how would you feel if some other young girl was abut to do this to your father?

  • Its weird to think my daughter could be some older guys b**** and I think good on him hope he enjoys her and I hope she gets spoilt by him.

  • yes yes yes......happened with my daughter. at first i was p***** when she moved out underage. but then i thought....h*** let HIM pay for all her shopping and s***. serves the perv right. glad shes gone! and the sooner she dont come home the better!!

  • Nobody would want him. :)

  • God, what a horrible little tramp you are. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • I am so totally not ashamed of anything I've ever done to other men or their families or anything I'm doing to this man and his family now. They want me. They get me.

  • I don't think you understand men. You may be young and sexy and for a middle aged married man f****** a 18yo girl is really exciting. So is spoiling her. Buying her expensive gifts and sexy clothes and even doing things that the wife would never go for like putting her over my knee for a spanking or bending over while she plays dominatrix. But then I still go home to my wife who I really do love. I go watch my kids play soccer or sit with them and help them with homework.

  • He doesn't love me because I'm young. But yes he really does love to spoil me and to do things to me (and have me do things to him) his pitiful wife wouldn't ever do. I know a hundred times more about s** and about taking care of men than his pitiful wife knows. I admit you are right that he goes home to his pitiful wife but I'm already turning up the heat and soon he either won't want to go home to her or I'll fix it so he can't. He does have kids with her but I will give him better children and I will be a better mother than her. There is nothing NOTHING that she can compete with me in. Age is one of them but it's only one.

  • My wife is not pitiful. Nor is she my f*** buddy b****. My wife is a beautiful loving intelligent woman who I love. My 18yo s** girl is hot sexy and spoilt.

  • I've told you 1,000 plus times you are too young for me and it will never happen. F*** off and leave me alone you crazy b****.

  • Yes I'm young, but so what? Age is just a number. And even though I may be crazy, I'm crazy about s** and no man would tell me to f*** off. Not EVER.

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