Your wife could never compete with me. NEVER. Why do you stay?

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  • Which one is princess arsehole pushy pushead? gingermegs or old mikey-bikey? yeh, we are all thinking of the colonies and not you.

  • Is this the same woman who posted a confession a few months ago stating you wanted to take him from his wife?

  • This was almost 20yrs ago, but I was in a relationship like this, sleeping with the husband of a friend of mine, wanting him to leave her and move here. I let myself get pregnant, trying to get my man to leave home and come to me, but even that didn't get him away from her. I eventually got an abortion. And he eventually dumped me........not for his wife, but for another mistress. I hated him, I hated his wife, and I hated his mistress. I still do.

  • Self - inflicted, "you reap what you sew!"

  • It's "sow", you moron.

  • "sew" is better :)

  • Only to imbeciles.

  • You are why MGTOW has happened . You are a horror.

  • But you don't hate yourself for being a selfish s***?

  • And for being a horrific friend!

  • ^so right^. she is super trashy isn't she? even 20yrs later on?

  • ^^^ JUST LIKE YOU! ^^^

  • ....ditto....

  • ....double ditto....

  • Treble ditto!

  • Treble? What an imbecile you are!

  • Treble it is :)

  • Only for imbeciles & moonbats.

  • I would leave my wife in a heartbeat for my mistress, but I can't leave while the kids are still so young. Eventually, I'll make the move........if the mistress will still have me at that point. If not, I'll probably stay where I am. I actually do love them both, in different ways, but I'd rather spend my time with the mistress.

  • Fool

  • Dullard

  • Dullard fool

  • Moronic twatwaffle

  • Lesson here is excercise and f****** diet if you let yourself go there are many problems that follow that are beyond just not being attracted anymore.

  • Inaccurate

  • ^true dat^

  • True "not" fool!

  • You're a brit, it's about time! Welcome brother or sister x

  • You know they're a brit because they wear their stupidity like a badge of honor.

  • Actually, that's what "Americans" do! Trump signifies that!

  • Americans are much more intelligent than Brit twits

  • A person's nationality doesn't determine their intellect. You obviously are stupid, if you don't realise that!

  • Talking to the mirror again?

  • ...asshat.....

  • Thanks for your admission.

  • :) Too kind! :)

  • I'm in a similar situation with my man. I'm 19 years younger than his wife, less than half her body weight, twice as intelligent, and a thousand percent better in bed. I'd love for him to leave her and come to me full-time, but it really doesn't matter if he does or doesn't: what he and I have together, and what we ARE together, is beautiful and filled with true love. I don't care about anything else.

  • What a star house wrecker - bet he has some cash gold digger

  • Keep dreaming.

  • Yea yeah

  • It's true for me, too. His wife is a joke.

  • And you're a homely shrew.

  • My wife is more woman than you could ever be. Unlike you, she DOESN'T molest children.

  • ?who said anything about children?

  • They found out about you evidently.

  • Huh wtf

  • "finding out" = "molesting"?

  • Go jump off a building

  • Go spoon a goose

  • Youre the one bringing that s*** up u disgusting p****

  • You're

  • "You're" wicked retarded.

  • You're a child molester.

  • I stay with my wife because I love her.
    I f*** my s** toy mistress because it's exciting. But I don't love her in the same way I love my wife. She is a f*** toy and so long as she understands then it is fine. If she somehow thinks I even want to leave my wife then she is very mistaken.

  • "You don't love your mistress, in the same way you love you wife" - that means you love your mistress aswell as your wife, but it's a different sort of love, asshat! It's a lowdown, dirty, nasty, f****** love, that's what it is!

    If you don't intend to be honest with your wife, at least tell her it's okay for her to f*** other people, I'm sure she might enjoy getting f***** by a younger stud with a bigger d***! You can't be the only one getting some side action, in your marriage. I'm sure your wife is bored of your tired ass aswell and wants some excitement!

  • I promise you: when I put my d*** in another man, he can't even remember his wife's NAME. Competition? Pffffft.

  • You seem to think every guy likes d*** lol

  • Far more of them love d*** than you might think. I've seduced several married guys, and made them all happier than their wives ever had.

  • BS. You're a pimply-faced wimp in you mommy's basement.

  • I live in a townhouse in a nice area recently renovated. One of my d***-loving gentlemen friends pays the note. Another pays the condo fees and utilities. My mother lives in a trailer. :)

  • A 12-yer old hardly qualifies as a d***-loving gentleman.

  • All 2-1/2 inches of it?

  • I think what you're doing is called "projection".

  • I think you wish you were relevant.

  • You could never compete with each other, because he's using and disrespecting both of you. If you like a man that does that to you both, you're in denial.

  • It's insane to say there's no competition going on. Of COURSE there is a competition going on. Every time he comes to me, I win. What happens the rest of the time doesn't matter. Every time he comes to me, he's saying that he wants to be with me, not her. I get ALL of the quality time, and she gets what's left over. It's so sad for her. I don't need a man that isn't "taken": I need the one I have, and I have him as often as I want him. Yes, it would make more sense for him just to stay here, because he is where he wants -- and needs -- to be. But he doesn't have to stay here full-time for this to be his primary relationship. There is a competition for his heart and mind, and she has lost that. I've won.

  • You're just lucky that you found a guy that shares you interest in necrophilia.

  • I think it is disgusting but I can't stop doing it

  • That's revolting and abhorrent!

  • You're still in denial lol obviously, there's no competition, because he's f****** both of you. He wins.

    If there was a competition and you were winning, he'd be with you solely and not return to his wife, after sticking his d*** in you. You're a dumbass!

  • Yeah, he wins. He wins when he comes to me. When he goes home to her, he loses. Thanks for making my point.

  • Lol your story is fake as f***! But I enjoy your fake ass commentary! F****** idiot!

  • Nothing you write ever makes any sense.

  • Because rapists like you aren't educated.

  • It's not my problem you can't comprehend my words.

  • Nothing you write never makes sense!

  • Because you're intellectually challenged!

  • Because you're a felon.

  • Idiot

  • Dotard

  • You are such a w****.

  • Maybe.......but every man loves whores.

  • Speak for yourself only, every man is different!

  • I bet if I blew you until you couldn't come anymore, you would return the favor.

  • I'm a woman and would never cheat of my partner, even if you displayed yourself on a plaster! You're a f****** disgrace!

  • You would cheat if the right opportunity came about and you happened to be really attracted to this person dont kid yourself

  • Liar. Just because you're a dishonest j****** doesn't mean I am.

  • You're no woman. You're a snotty girl.

  • I 100% doubt that very much. I wouldn't allow your lips, to be anywhere near my d***!

  • You have a d***? You better spit it put cuz it ain't yours!!

  • If you saw my lips, you'd whistle for me to come blow you with them. Guaranteed. And then? You'd be in love. Forever.

  • Your lips are only good for sucking feces.

  • And licking ass

  • I feel the same way about the married man I'm currently involved with. I'm 22, he's 51, his wife is 31. They have three kids, aged 5, 3 and 2. She's his third wife, and he's her first husband. But even though she's not considered old, she IS older than me, and I know FOR A FACT that she can't compete. She's never been able to compete with me, and she never will, because I do things to him and for him that she can't do. CANNOT do. Like what? Well, I'm a single gay man. Get the picture? :) He cannot get enough of me.

  • Yup. She cannot give him HIV but you will be giving that to him if you haven't already. You sure are proud of that.

  • Just because a person is gay, doesn't mean they're predetermined to have HIV you ignorant c***! Stop being a dumbass!

    You do realise that sexually transmitted diseases can infect anyone, whether they're careful or not.

    And just because a person is gay, doesn't mean they're inclined to take d*** up their a****! You know, some straight people actually like a***, it's not a predetermined sexual act strictly carried out by gay people, it's an individual preference! And in my personal opinion, it's f****** gross! But I won't judge those that like it :) it's not mint preference, that's all.

  • I didn't say anything about predetermined to have HIV you dolt. I also don't care that you enjoy taking it up the wazoo and getting fisted. You can keep your disgusting jollies to yourself and your partner.

  • Your comment inclined otherwise, you dumbass! :-)

  • No it didn't, imbecile. Shows where you mind is.

  • Then why mention hiv, when referring to a gay man? You did imply it, whether you realise it or not! You're clearly a since and don't know your own mind!

  • Referencing anything does not infer something. You connected dots. Why do you hate gay people?

  • Stop deflecting and using transference, it's pathetic :)

  • You can try all you want to elude your infantile prattling when others call it out, but you're still a mental termite.

  • It did, otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned HIV in the first place, you ignorant a******!

  • No, it didn't. Are you mad because it's against the law to spread your disease to others?
    What a maroon!

  • You're an idiotic moron, that doesn't know your own mind!

  • Why do you insist on spreading disease. You are a sick animal.

  • He's a user

  • ^disgusting^ ^horrible^ ^faggotry^ ^sick^

  • The original commentator is boastful about adultery and other things, which is despicable.

    But your prejudice against gay people,
    is unforgiveable!

    That's an ugly hearted trait to have. You must be an ugly person from the inside out. Shame on you!!!

  • You must be a serial HIV-Dispenser.

  • Stop deflecting now, there's no shame in you being on denial about having HIV, you have it and it can't be cured. Fortunately, your ignorance and narrow mindedness can be.

  • How long have you been getting it in the rear and have you been HIV+ the whole time? You know if you keep it up parts of your body are going to fall off.

  • Lol Inaccurate assumptions, again!

  • I don't care. I'm out to infect as many people as I can! So what if that makes me a dispenser.

  • Wrong person!

  • How many of these "wrong persons" have you spread it to? Don't lie!

  • Wrong person fool!

  • Answer the question, fucktard!

  • It's not mandatory to answer your question fool! You're somebody of insignificance!

  • Funny coming from a riminal like you.

  • Riminal loo

  • Quit raping shhep

  • Very true!

  • Not prejudiced against gays, just against those who knowingly and intentionally destroy hetero marriages, like this one. Only those.

  • This person who is gay, hasn't destroyed his lover's marriage. The married man allowed his affair to happen, he must have weak willpower and loyalties, to be tempted by anyone outside his marriage. And he possibly kept that part of his sexuality, well and truly hidden in the closet for a long time, to end up having an affair with the same s**. If a person isn't greedy, has a strong sense of willpower, character, loyalty, respect and is in a happy marriage, then no amount of temptation would cross their minds, nothing would weaken their resolves and basically they would cheat.

  • Do you also defend paedophiles?

  • Seems like you do, as you're the one who asked this question :)

  • You didn't answer the question.

  • No, but you did! Fool!

  • Wrong, dumbass!

  • Actually, I did dumbass! lol :)

  • Of course I defend them. Why wouldn't I? Why are you so judgmental? Mind your own business.

  • Wrong person commenting again!

  • Quit denying you l*** for pre-teens.

  • Wrong commentator again!

  • Still wrong commenter.

  • Meant "wouldn't cheat" not "would"

  • You are kidding yourself if you believe what you wrote here. Like many hetero women, there are MANY gay men who get off on blowing up hetero marriages. How do I know that? I'm one of them and I have several gay male friends who feel the same. Drawing a straight man outside his marriage is delicious, but ruining his marriage, too? That's thrilling!

  • That's why you tardy are always getting the tar beat out of you. Hope you have a Matthew Shepard moment soon.

  • You've misinterpreted and misunderstood my comment. You obviously don't have the comprehension to understand what I've written and the meaning in my words, so your opinions is irrelevant. You're a dumbass, simple as that!

  • In which third-world country did you learn English?

  • The same one, you probably learnt yours :)

  • I didn't go to school so nice try! LOL

  • That's unfortunate, but obvious lol

  • Lol Eat your words, you hypocrite!

  • Eat your own, you asshat!

  • Eat you a****** because you kill kids!!

  • You mention kids all the time. What's your problem? You seriously have a perversion towards kids and it's bordering on obsession! Seek medical advice and therapy, before you act out your perversions in real life!

  • You were the one that started bragging about all of the children you've molested while they were placed in your care. You made it sound like it's one of you life's biggest accomplishments.
    When more than one person called you out for it, you tried to deflect it away by projecting it onto others.
    When that didn't work, you disappeared for days.
    Now you're back picking up where you left off.
    Society would profit from your imminent suicide.

  • Inaccurate and slanderous!

  • Truth and you know it.

  • ....same for me........ i own a married man that i work for ........own him ....... he belongs to me completely.... his wife has no idea...............she just thinks he's lost interest in s**........boy is SHE wrong!!!!!! :)

  • Keep smoking that crack, dude.

  • UR H***

  • And?

  • Wrong commenter!

  • I stay because I love my wife. I have ties to the community. I love my kids.

    I play with my s** toy because it's exhilarating. It's hot hot hot. She is like a gym buddy or a dance partner. Great to spank. Great for s**. Great to meet clandestine. Great to indulge. To fly to another city and go to the theatre.

    She does not need to compete with my wife. My wife is my wife. My s** toy is my s** toy. If my s** toy misbehaves I whip her. If she wishes to leave she can and she has a couple of times and she comes back. Even though she knows the cost of returning is that she must first bend over bare bum up and be whipped very very hard. She crys and the bruising takes several weeks to heal. I make it tough for her.

    But she is not my wife. My wife is very vanilla. Conservative. Sexually boring. Very social. A wonderful woman. A great cook. A wonderful mother. Very intelligent. Attractive. She is just a bit busy and not really sexual and that is where my f*** toy comes into it.

  • But she's only 14 you sicko!

  • No one mentioned age, you pervert!

  • Except when you bragged about the little girls you molested.

  • So what! She's mature for 14. I took her virginity when she was 11 and last year she let me back door her.

  • Perverted!

  • Why? Because you waited until you were 15 to be a ho?

  • No one mentioned age, you fool!

  • Wrong commenter!!

  • Don't make excuses for cheating on your wife, it's cowardly and despicable.

    You discuss sexual matters with your wife to improve your s** life, you don't use cheating as an solution! What's wrong you? You're a poor excuse for a man!

  • A f*** toy is a f*** toy- that's all an affair is. Don't fool yourselves. And don't be mad at the wife or put her down because YOU are being scandalous

  • Reread my comment you fool, I wasn't putting his wife down. At least get it right, if you're going to state s***!

    And obviously, you have no reservations about cheating on a loved one. So we have a difference in opinions, which is ok. I'll never agree with you regarding this topic and vice versa. So it doesn't matter what you convey :-) Good day to you

  • You also bragged about slugging your 2 boys.

  • Who stated anything about slugging 2 boys? What the f*** are you dribbling on about, you fool?!!

  • Lol I don't have children, never stated I did. I don't intend on having children,I never have. So make sure in future, you refer your statements to the right person! :-)

  • Yeah well my 2 boys always need a smack upside their head. But I don't slug them like that other poster said I did.

  • That's not my problem, so why mention it to me and other people?! I don't give a f***! Direct it to the actual person who stated it!

  • You murdered your kids so you have no right to say anything.

  • You're disturbed!

  • You think murder is harmless. So it is you who is disturbed!

  • Don't profess to know, what people think. You're quite disturbed psychologically, accusing people of disturbing and diabolical crimes against children, then trying to manipulate your statements to appear like they're true, it's truly disturbing. What is wrong with you? You're seriously psychological dysfunctional and require immediate medical assistance.

  • You think you're going to get away with your grisly crimes against children in particular and nature in general.
    That you have such reckless disregard for society and its norms is beyond disturbing.
    You seem to believe that you live in a vacuum and anything you do is acceptable even if it is morally reprehensible!
    Some day karma is going to rear its head and put you in your rightful place, either in jail or the cemetery. Repent now!!!

  • You are an animal!

  • Wrong person again!

  • You sure like to act like you're not the perv in here.

  • Wrong person again, fool!

  • Keep posting as the wrong person, dolt!

  • Although the OP seems to be looking for or hoping for something permanent with her man, some women just love the idea of taking a man from another woman, even if it's only temporary. Having him choose you over her, even for a few hours, is thrilling for some women. I know: I'm one of them. I'm okay with him going home: let HER put up with his bullshit, and his moods, and his demands, and his pettiness. Let HER deal with the meaningless s***. I get his love, ALL THE TIME. And I get his d***. His d*** totally belongs to me. ME. I don't even think about him being with her, being at home, being mundane. I get the heat, and it is sooooo much better than anything she gets. I also get all the good birthday gifts, the good Christmas presents, the sports car, the furs, the lingerie, the jewelry, and I get the Valentine dinners that she gave up on years ago. What I get is HIM. What she gets is leftovers. I win.

  • It's not about winning, you immature fool!
    You're second best and always will be, compared to your lover's wife! Your a piece of loose/cheap ass, nothing more and nothing less!

    You have no dignity and respect for yourself, if you did, why lower yourself to your lover's standards?! Find man you that isn't taken or at least a man that's in an open relationship, but not one that's meant to be a loyal husband and so forth. He's in the wrong as well and has more to lose than you do, if his wife finds out. But he could and may be already cheating on you, with a younger and better in bed girl!

  • Don't kid yourself. He isn't cheating on me, not even with his wife. He wouldn't cheat on me, because he doesn't need to: he gets everything he needs from me. EVERYTHING. Yes, there are younger girls than me, and many are more beautiful than I am. But none of them are better in bed. And none of them are sexier or more skilled or dirtier. They say a man never forgets the nastiest piece of ass he has in his life, and that's what I provide: I do all of the nasty things the wife won't, and that he can't get from other women. I'm better in bed than all of them, so no......he won't stray!!

  • Stop stating to others, " don't kid yourself" it's you that's kidding yourself, you delusional ass!

  • Shut up you kid killer!

  • You think you're better because he found someone willing to be his human toilet.

  • A straight person can be a human toilet aswell. There's many straight people that like dipping their d*** in s***, it's an individual preference you ass! Being gay doesn't mean doing a*** is a part of being gay! You really are a redneck ass!

  • Thank you for admitting that you like to eat fe€es.

  • You should try it too. You make it sound like a bad thing. Yes, I admit I eat it on occasion. So what.

  • That's your business, no one else's.

  • Wrong person again.

  • Wrong person again,

  • Thank you for deflecting your own preferences and trying to initiate transference onto me lol we all know your preference is eating s***, because you're the one mentioned it, no one else did :)

  • Why do you eat it?

  • Stop projecting, it's not an attractive trait!

  • Why do you like to abuse children?

  • Why do you like obsessing about children and mentioning them in every comment?!

  • Keep trying to deflect it we already know what a depraved mind you have.

  • I don't need to kid myself about anything, you degenerate! I'm not the person in this situation, so that was stupid of you to state!

    You however, remain in denial. It's your problem and personal issues, so why share your s*** on this site.

  • When I first started the affair with my women I told her she was my s** toy and I was going to use her. She went through a few phases thinking we were going to end up married. Eventually she understood that was never going to happen

  • Obviously, she's a dumbfuck. But luckily, there's some women that have common sense! Unfortunately the one you're f****** on the side, isn't a smart lady and neither are you!

  • I'm a married man and I have a separate lover. Even though s** with the mistress / lover is so hot and the relationship with the wife is pretty ordinary, my mistress has had to learn that she is just my s** toy and that I will not be leaving my wife

  • You deserve an award for confessing this and portraying yourself the meanest idiot

  • Aww, not getting any meat lately?

  • Nope. I need at least 6 guys to fill me up.

  • Why doesn't that surprise anyone?

  • Wrong person again

  • Get you sock puppets in order!

  • Get your different personality disorders in check first

  • Wrong person again. What is your problem?

  • Lol I enjoy pies from time to time instead. How about you? Salami sausage or apple pie?

  • How is he mean or an idiot? For all you know his wife could be ok with him having a mistress. H***, she could be f****** another guy for that matter. He was up front with his mistress, so how is that mean? She knew what she was getting into.

  • ^this^ is absolutely correct, without exception. even if the wife isn't having her own fun, the mistress knew. she KNEW. communication is always the key. and this guy/responder was upfront and told her the rules. she accepted them and operated under them and so she's bound by them. if she doesn't want to 'share' him with his wife, she can leave at any time and find someone she can keep for her own. it may not be ideal, but that sort of relationship -- based on honesty with the mistress -- is better than many many marriages. i know..... i've been involved with a married man for over 4 years and while, yes, i would prefer to be married to him, he's never lied to me and i've always been treated totally fairly. i have 2 girlfriends who are also mistresses and we all know the score. one of those girls has 3 kids with her man and they are a very very happy family. as the above responder said so perfectly and so so so correctly: we all knew what we were getting into. thanks for posting!

  • I'm sure you already know the answer to your question, but I'll say it anyway. He doesn't leave her because you're a w**** and she's not.

  • Looks like she's already winning....

  • Are you sure you're in competition?

  • She competes well enough that she is married to him and you are not.

  • Because he loves his wife. And you, well you're just a side f*** who can be replaced at anytime.

  • He doesn't appear to love for his wife. Yes, love comes in various forms and the definition of what love means/how a person expresses it, varies from individual to individual. But it appears his version of love, isn't a pure, loyal and all consuming one. Fair enough if his wife knows about it and they have an open agreement about his extra marital sextivities. But if she doesn't, his definition of love is f****** warped and misguided!

  • He just wants to sleep with you. He'll tell you everything you want to hear and tell you how awful his wife is and how their marriage is on the rocks. And if it was really horrible, you would think that he would leave. But he doesn't. Or why doesn't she leave? Think about it. After he's done with you, he always go back to her. You'll never know. The only two people who really know what's going on is marriage is his wife and him. You're nothing to him but the easy lay on the side. That's all you are. It's no strings. You should have more integrity for yourself. Aren't there other men who aren't married and available that you can go after? Seriously.. is he that great? You're not in a real relationship. Anything you have to keep a secret is not a real relationship. It can't survive because you aren't dealing with true day to day issues that you encounter when you're actually dating someone who is available to date and is not keeping secrets. He always has to answer to his wife or make up some excuse to see you. You can't tell people you're dating him or make it public knowledge that you're in a relationship. It's hard to find someone to connect with and when you do, don't you want to tell everyone? But you can't. Why? Because he's married and you are the mistress. Do people brag about that? Also consider, he's cheating on his wife. Don't for one moment think, (if he actually does leave his wife) that he won't cheat on you. There is always someone out there is who is younger, prettier and more available... But you'll just stay with him and waste years of your life on someone who keep you last on his list..right after the family dog.

  • I must admit much of what you say about me is true. I won't quibble with the rest. Just try to keep in mind that there are countless women in the same shoes as I am ; created just for married men to visit for their extramarital relations. Yes, as a mistress for his pleasure when he chooses. I'm not bragging. Like many other women, I'm just fulfilling my fated purpose to men.

  • If your purpose and vocation in life is to be a mistress to many, who are we to judge. But you should at least be smart about it and get paid for your services. If you're going to act whorish, you might as well get paid as one. Be safe and use condoms/birth control, best to be safe than sorry.

  • Don't demean urself like this allowing others to make fun of you without knowing the scenario ...

  • Too late, that ship has sailed! :)

  • Sheeple hoe

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