7 year old boy driving me nuts

Day before yesterday my mom was admitted in hospital. There ware other patients in the ward too. One was a seven year old boy and his mother as his bystander. He was admitted for fever. At night I woke up to some sound and when I looked the boy was ripping off his pants and was rubbing furiously at his genitals. His mother was watching it. I was so shocked and the next second it was erected. I dont know how to describe this and I'm not a pervert. But I was seeing a boy's genital that too an erected one for the first time. After some time it turned out that he was was having some trouble in the area and his feet, itchy. But I cant erase that image out of my mind. It is driving me mad. I gave him a chocolate to talk to him so that I could forget about the things I saw but he was so sweet and adorable and I feel so guilty for nothing. I wish I didnt see anything. I wish I could forget this whole thing and get his face out of my mind..

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  • I want to watch him rub his c*** I love little boys c****

  • A chocolate for a bj?

  • Dirty fucken perv!!!! You belong in prison.

  • You need to find out why this bothers you. I suggest keeping your distance and eyes off of children from now on. If your attraction is sexual you may need psychiatric help. At any rate keep a good distance between yourself and children of both genders.

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