White boy addict

I am a black female who prefers to have s** with White men. I'm quite attractive and young so I'm still attracting a lot of male attention but I generally have no interest unless its a reasonably attractive white guy.

I have a big, round butt, so when a white guy is keen on me I get so excited. I think I might have a complex because I don't mind being objectified by white men in private. I just find myself turning into a crazy nymph. Last night I had an attractive white guy hit on me and grab my ass but because I was with black friends who frown upon black woman/white male relationships, I pretended to not be interested but I've been masturbating to thoughts of him the whole of today.

May 22, 2015

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  • >I was with black friends who frown upon black woman/white male relationships

    You mean I've spent years drinking the Kool-Aid that only wypipo can be racist and it's inaccurate?? I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you!

  • I like black women and love to meet you. I am 8" inches uncut tool

  • I love black girls!!

    You sound just like the one right for me ;)

  • Do who you like. Don't let others tell you what's wrong bout it. Be careful enough to use birth control and condoms so you don't have a baby or get HIV. OK?

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