Tips on attracting black women?

I'm a white guy who is really attracted to black women. Most of the black women I know aren't into white guys. Any tips that can help a white guy out?

Dec 30, 2018

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  • Be yourself, compliment her hair/skin etc Everything that makes her a black woman let her know that you dig it. If a black woman ever asks you dream dates/celebrity crushes always mention other black Women to let them know you’re attracged to that, enjoy

  • Laying black women is all I know .. Black p**** is the best p**** .. I love f****** milfs, single moms, & sexy gilfs😍

  • Get black shoe polish and black your face up 😊

  • Most black people are racist or have family members who are racist. Why in the h*** would you want to date someone who is black? Even if you find a nice woman who isn't racist, there is still a very good chance that either her family or friends are racist. I can name plenty of black people who they themselves are not racist, but I can't name a single black person I know who doesn't have at least one family member or friend who isn't racist.

  • I'm a Hispanic woman dating a white guy, but here's my advice. People want the same things in a relationship: kindness, respect, love, someone who is motivated, and eventually, later, if things go well, some sense of having a future. If you can approach someone with those things, you'll be fine.

    Just a tip: even if it is true, don't tell the person you're asking out that part of the reason you are doing so is because you are attracted to her skin color. Don't be a dog about it, even if it's how you feel. You can admit that down the road, but relate as people first.

  • F*** you oil driller. May god have a place in h*** for sickos like u.

  • From a black woman to a white man just be yourself but at the same time have confidence. Act like you have a big c*** if you're just trynna f*** but if you're looking for a relationship just do what any other man would.

  • Don't forget to let them know that the whole black guys have bigger d**** is just a myth. Race has no difference on d*** size. So don't let that weigh on your mind either when you are asking someone out.

  • I love your advice.

    A respectful question: do black women really care about c*** size that much? Your comment piqued my curiosity.

    (I’m not the OP, BTW.)

  • Drug them and fuckk them

  • We wouldn't like that🙄

  • I love attracting black womens I have a small d*** and its fun to watch them complain and moan when they can't feel me inside them. F***** up fetish I know.

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