Love my fat

I know being fat is bad for you, but I love being fat and having nice rolls, and wide hips and a big ass and big b**** and a big, jiggling belly. I have regular check ups and my blood sugar is perfect, and my cholesterol is fine, but my blood pressure keeps going up and up, and last time was very high, so now I am on 3 meds to keep it normal. My doctor told me to exercise and diet. so, I did. I get on my hubby's tredmill and take a casual stroll for 1 full minute. It doesn't seem to help. LOL. I also changed my diet and switched from heavy cream to light cream. It hasn't helped either. LOL. So I told the doctor I did what he said and actually continued to gain weight. He said, to keep trying. Meanwhile, the meds are controlling my blood pressure, so I don't care, and will continue to eat as much as I want and keep right on gaining weight. My hubby loves to see me get fatter, and I do too, and actually get wet when I stand on the scale and find out I have packed on more pounds. In fact right now, I'm working on finishing a dozen small chocolate-covered donuts. YUM! Why should I stop when I am having this much fun?

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  • You sound sexy as h***, dont let that moron get in your head with all that emotional crap hes trying to change you and he doesn't like the attention you get for wanting to gain weight, as for me i fully support you and your gaining big is beautiful but BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER :). do you have a weight goal? and can you post pics of your gaining progress?. -fatlover

  • Is continuing to indulge every whim and gain weight more desirable than being healthy and living a full life? You need to get your priorities straight. It's great you love being fat but don't fool yourself, your fat harms everyone around you - your family that will cry when you die of a heart attack at 35, your kids that won't have their mom when they are teenagers, the taxpayers paying for your high blood pressure and future diabetes. Stop being so selfish.

  • There is absolutely nothing in the world -- NOTHING -- that is half as sexy or half as beautiful as a SSBBW. My wife is skinny, but my girlfriend is HUGE. I really love what you're doing, and I wish you were in my life. DAMN!!!!

  • Each to their own. I like my wife skinny.

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