My wife is rude and selfish.

I think about how nice it would be to divorce her ass.

I used to think she was gorgeous, lovely, sophisticated, and kind, but even before our marriage I occassionally had my doubts about her and about us.

Her true colors have made me see her in a totally different light.

She is ugly to me, intolerable. Her actions are purely selfish and she does and says alot of very harsh and unkind things. I am supporting her career interests, helping with house and child care, but nothing is enough.

She constantly belittles me, and makes me feel unworthy. I have put on some weight and she constantly makes me feel unattractive and even repulsive.

The worst part to me, is she doesn't really care about what I say or my interests. She doesn't support my interests and makes me feel like I can never achieve my goals, (unless they are goals she has chosen for me, then I am criticized for not pursuing her interests).

Sometimes I fantasize about being eith oter women (not having s** with them, but being with them and fallin in love).

I used to be confident.

If I wasn't afraid of losing our child in a custody battle I would seriously consider divorcing her.

I know that I am not the perfect husband, there is a lot I can improve on. But I am tired of being the only one who changes and improves myself for the sake of this relationship. I feel trapped and I wish I had an out...

There are times when I think I love her, days moments where we are nice to eachother and things are peaceful.. But they are few and far between, and never sustained for more than a couple hours.

I wonder how much better my life would have been if I had dumped her and gone with the other women who were interested in me when I was still attractive and confident. But I wouldnt change it if I could, because our child is the biggest blessing in my life.

Please- dont rush into marriage with a woman you have doubts about. Things may get much much worse.

May 26, 2015

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  • I am in a similar situation, it seems your wife might have the same issues mine does. It’s call “covert/Passive aggressive narcissism” it’s freaking terrible. You should probably research this and it might help you have a different perspective and a different way of dealing with it. It will make you feel like you’re going crazy.

  • Cut ur losses and bail. U will lose ur kid , money, house and car. U will be skinned alive by the system until ur kid is 18. U can make a new life then with someone worthy. It is worth it.

  • I married a Woman like that, she wasn't that way at first or I would have never married her. I Divorced her! Cost me my Ass but I never regretted it!

  • I used to work with a girl exactly like her and she ended up stabbing me on the back. (I wonder if it's the same girl?) Life's too short to spend it with a narcissist. Consult with a divorce attorney about getting custody of your kids. Good luck.

  • That's why I come to confessionpost.

    I love my wife but....

    I think she is a narcissist but what would I know.
    I do know everyone thinks she is wonderful and she does do a lot. She does wonderful work at her work. She does a lot of charity work. She is on all sorts of committees. She is talented.

    But she is so dam busy with all of that she has no time for me. I think also she has lost interest in me. Earlier in the marriage she did all of what she does now and more and we had time together and enjoyed each others company. But now somehow she always has to do preparation in the evenings and attend meetings and that continues onto weekends.

    I feel like I have provided my sperm. Paid for the house and car and school fees. She does work 3 days a week but the other 2 week days are spent pretty much doing voluntary work and often times unpaid work she brings home. In fact she used to be a stay at home mom and still had to do all this work in the evenings so out of frustration I would tell her to just go to work at least she would bring in some income.

    The day will come when I just don't bother coming home. I don't want the house or anything she can have 100% of it. I have to prepare myself emotionally because as I mentioned above, everyone thinks she is wonderful so when we split the finger of guilt will be pointed at me.

  • Covert narcissist

  • You can f... her from the back.

  • Ditch the douche!

  • You shouldn't feel pressured to stay with a miserable b****. Tell her how you feel and see if it scares her enough to be more considerate. If not, ignore her, improve yourself, get out. Btw, if your own wife treats you like you're repulsive because you got fat, then you are. Lose weight.

  • Get rid of the b****. My ex wife did the same thing to me.

  • She does not love you and she does not respect you. It is time to see a divorce lawyer and find out your options. Do it today.

  • So much similar to my wife. Not the pre mariage doubt bit but a lot of the rest. She has basically encouraged me to find somone else.

  • You can get joint custody n decent visitation.No fear n misery

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