I like weaing Knickers

I enjoy wearing Knickers, I have many pairs,from thongs,to full panties,,I wear them as much as possible,,I started at a young age,,but never got out of the habit,,I often wear a bra as well,,many years ago,I had a girlfriend that would dress me in her knickers,,I wear them under my jeans,,would recomend them to anybody,,



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  • We did get done up and went to the mall initially I was uncomfortable but soon got used to it, we purchased some new sexy female gear for me and noone took any notice, guys were having a perv all the time so we must look sexy, we went to a bar for a drink and a couple of guys tried to hit on us but my wife explained I had just had a throat operation and was not supposed to talk, don't like that side of it one placed his hand on my upper leg but I pushed it away, all in all a good time will certainly do it again, if any bloke handles me I think I will grab their gear and squeese very hard

  • Good on you, I have been wearing sexy panties, padded bras and nighties for years I am a bit smallish on the slack so they fit great and feel fantastic, over the last 18 months I have progressed to suspenders, stockings and heels also my wife has been doing my makeup and fitting a blonde wig, we both think I look pretty sexy and are thinking of shopping for some skirts and blouses for me she then wants me dressed up and have us both go to the mall, think I am going to do that

  • Thats fantastic,I enjoy dressing up..have even gone out in the car with a skirt on,,you are lucky to have somebody to help you dress,,

  • Thank you so much, I now have some nice skirts and blouses the blouse I like the most is peach with flowers it shows my bright orange bra through it but not too slutty you have to be at the right angle in the right light, I find the most difficult thing is keeping my male hairy body nice and neat, we have to shave me over every time I get made up, we are trying to think about permanent hair removal but I am not sure that can happen however I do tan and that helps, if you like I will update you on my shall we call it my coming out, all the best buddy

  • Thats nice,,I have a see through blouse as well,normally I wear a black bra underneath,Dont know if you can send me a email adress,,so I could send you a picture,,so pleased fpr the reply, xx

  • Thank you but I don't advertise, it is mainly just a thing that is between my wife and I however I like discussions on the subject and picking up some new ideas, I do not consider myself a cross dresser just a straight guy that likes being done up, I bet we are going to get a few long looks when we go to the mall because my wife is a real stunner and I don't come up too bad either

  • Hi,,You are lucky to have a wife that supports you,,But you must enjoy wearing womens clothes,,otherwise you wouldent do it,, I have always enjoyed it,,

  • Yes I totally love it

  • I like to wear tights. Started as a kid in elementary school. I'd wear them under my long pants to school in winter. I loved the feel around my legs.

  • I often wear tights.or stockings in the winter,I think they are great,,

  • I feel like they wouldn't be comfortable since they're not sized for a man, especially in front.

  • A lot of the knickers fit fine,,very soft to wear,

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