i tried to kill myself by strangulaton

i tried to kill myself by strangulaton with one of belts. nobody knows.

after watching my sister wear the belt happily, i took it back and burned it.

nobody will ever know.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • GG, you a******- i wasn't talking about you! i can see clearly that you didn't tell the OP to kill themself.

  • I didn't tell the OP to kill themself.

    - GG

  • omg, who would tell the person to kill themselves?! what the f*** is wrong with you people?!

  • That changes everything. Many people got the impression that this only happened a few days ago or something.

    - GG

  • If you're over it, why bother posting it?

  • look, second poster- i was only thirteen when i tried it and didn't really know what to do. and honestly, why would anyone tell me to just kill myself?
    i'm over it now, so shut the f*** up.

  • ^ If the confessee truly doesn't want anyone to know that he/she tried to kill themself, than he/she really shouldn't have attempted, because if he/she succeeded, believe me, people would have known.

    However, the confessee did (apparently), which just shows you how much he/she wished for his/her life to be terminated.

    The confessee didn't choose to exist; he/she shouldn't be forced to continue living. Would you truly begrudge someone the peace of death?

    Now if the confessee wishes to live, then he/she should go ahead by all means.

    - GG

  • omg those comments are horrible!!*@%!@!!!!!
    dont try to kill yourself!!!

  • First thing you must do is forgive yourself, if you haven't already. Suicide isn't selfish; the universe dishes out pain to people, and sometimes it doesn't give some of those people the pain resourcing capabilities they require to be non-suicidal. And hence, a suicidal person is produced.

    Learn to take this subject in a more lighthearted manner. Death similes at us all, and the only was to be a ""winner", is by smiling right back.

    The worst thing you did was burn your sister's property.

    - GG

  • ^oops I meant most.

  • That is not the mowt efficient way of killing yourself. Next time try hanging the belt from a bunk bed.

  • Next time succeed in your efforts to kill yourself so that way I don't have to read your retarded ass secrets.

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