I feel like I’m a no one

Hey. I just decided to come on here anonymously because people don’t know who u are. I feel really lonely at the moment. Nobody understands how I’m feeling. I try talking to my boyfriend but he just think I’ll be okay. I feel like I’m a nobody and rn I have a blade against my wrist. I already have b***** lines but it feels good to create more. I deserve it. My sister is a literal heather and my family adore her. I struggle with my body image and I just wanna die y’all but I love you all and whatever you go through just know that you can get through it.

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  • Welcome to the real world.
    Quit threatening with "a blade" and cut. Deeply. Until the blood comes out in rhythmic pulses.
    Rational people are done with you emotional babies who can't get through a single day without whining about cutting. Either stfu or dig in one knuckle deep, along the length of your forearm. Make room in this crowded world for competent people.

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