My depressed life

Im 14 year old girl, Im young but Im suffering from deperission, nobody knows. I hate life, I feel as if I died rite now, nobody will care. I was the quiet girl at school, which means I was picked on alot. I hated school and the people in it, I tried to hurt myself just to stay home. Soon I tried the razor, and the pain felt good. Now deperssion is taking over my life, It feels like everyday I have to be sad and hurt. Everyday im in my room with the door closed, getting sadder. I dont even like going outside because nothing ever good happends.

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  • I feel for you! I am a girl,15,and am comming out of a state of depression also! Last year,my best friend was killed in a car crash,my gramma,who i was very close to passed away suddenly,a boy whom i had a hard crush on dumped me for another girl, i got some f's on my report card and in the state of depression i wasnt eating properly and then starting bedwetting which led to my parents putting me in diapers and plastic pants every night at bed time! No matter how depressed you are and how you feel.there is nothing worse than bedwetting and having to wear diapers and plastic pants to bed every night and feeling like a baby wearing them! It is the total pits and very embarrissing when i have sleepovers!

  • Hun, please, talk to someone.
    Before the cutting gets out of hand.
    I'm 16, been cutting since 10.
    Put me in the hospital twice.
    Its an addiction, and i strongly recommend getting help before the razor controls you like it does me.
    Please talk to someone. I know thats what everyone says. And you probably wont do it. But let me tell you this. If you dont, you will regret it. I wish I would have talked to someone. Because now, its just a natural part of my life and I no longer know what to do.
    Get. Help.

  • get that is real h***

  • You need to talk to someone close to you. Also, you must get out and do some exercise, anything that gets you breathing hard, working on something is even better, it gets your mind off of useless wasteful thoughts. You have to much time on your hands. You must be constructive and always think positive, positive thoughts bring positive into your life! If at home, read, learn something, anything, find the key to what gets you excited and interested, to push yourself to be the best and you will find it if you look for it. Take everyday and make it useful to you!!!!

  • You are 14....puberty is a b****. You can whine and moan, or you can take control. Cutting yourself is f****** stupid. Maybe take all that self loathing and turn it into a big F*** YOU to the things that p*** you off. Worked for Joan Jett, and I would know.

  • Hey I was in the same boat at your age. Now I'm about double that and life is better. Those mean kids from my high school? I know that two of the worst are now in jail and can't even get a job at Walmart. Ah karma. Oh and those girls who seem sooo cool that you envy so much? Well guess what fast forward to 25 and you might realize some of them are still in the same town working as a waitresses. Not having some fairy tale life style. Trust me I have seen it mayself. All you can do is get some therapy and build your dream life up from scratch with hard work and prayers.

    Lots of people know what you are going through. Tons. Lots of people would care if you died. Even the snobs at school would feel bad.

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