A Cry For HELP

I am addicted to bath salts.Nobody knows but my boyfriend. That's because he is the one to introduce me to this h***.I am a mom of 3. I hold a full time job, and nobody knows.I feel hopeless.I sometimes want to end my life. I have no one to tell because I am ashamed.I can not stop. I do bath salt all day and night. I barely sleep. I am being a bad mom. I hate myself. I've lost a lot and still can't stop. I am depressed.I hate this. What really kills me is no one cares enough to notice.


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  • I don't know about you guys but I just can't stop immersing myself in Lavender. The way it makes my sinuses tingle. And Jasmine too.

  • Go to rehab immediately. Do it for yourself and for your kids. Who cares what people may think if they find out that you are an addict. They will honor you and be proud of you for doing something about it.

    Do it now and save your life!

  • Believe it or not I overdosed on synthetic weed. Along the same lines as bath salts. It was some grey powder in the bottom of the bag. It was f***** up. I couldn't believe the next 3 or 4 days my body actually detoxed from this s***. Anyway, I don't smoke it anymore and I feel loads better. Hang in there and get rid of that s***. You'll feel better.

  • Sometimes you have to rescue yourself. Maybe people think you have your act together...who knows. You have three kids who need to be your priority and reasons to get and stay clean. So break up with your boyfriend and go seek the help you need. Even if someone said something, it really comes down to you wanting to get help for yourself. Here is a link to rehabs by state that deal with bath salt addiction.


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