sometimes i wish i was white

sometimes i wish i was white

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  • Sometimes i wish i was a dog id f*** every b**** n sight and hav dozens of pups

  • Sometimes I wish I were black. Honestly I do. It depends how you mean this. We all wish sometimes for other possibilities, so this could be a simple, ok thing but if it's racism related- against yourself- then it's not.

  • Im sick of racism, everyone wants to be someone they're not or something, we have to learn how to live with who we are and accept that, the person who posted this confession obviously wanted posotive comments not ones that were negative and changed the subject or people having a conversation

  • HOT! How much?

  • Ok, how bout: "we are all human beings at the end of that day, and you shouldn't feel ashamed of the skin color you were born with".


  • F****** polar bear raped my sister and stole my car!

  • My understanding about skin colour is what it does to protect the body from the UV rays. Just like how a white person can get a tan. Its that, or northern people are white so polar bears can't see them and eat them. Damn polar bears.

  • ^ Agreed
    Yeah... ummm... whatever.

  • Because both sides are arguing over what is simply a belief and it needs to stop.

  • Really. You're not gonna change anybody's mind, so why bother?

  • Jeez. people. . .is it really this serious?

  • This is slow, lets use AIM. jeytr

  • No, see. Having something which is incorrect is not better then nothing. There are a lot of problems with evolution... It is retarded because of that. Can you prove it right? It does need evidence that supports it, not just people saying "look at all the species!" or faulty dating methods and select fiew stratas.

  • Well then please don't state that evolution is wrong or retarded if you can't prove it too be wrong. It's better than what you got, which is nothing.

    - GG

  • Well, who said we need an alternative to believe in just because of what theories are out there are flawed? I do not hold a certain belief on how humans came to be, because of lacking evidence.

  • Franky, I don't believe that this site was designed for debates. I mean, we don't even have security that we are who we think we are (I could be another "GG" impostor).

    Regardless, what is the alternative to evolution? It's "intelligent design". And if not, how do you believe humans came to be?

    - GG

  • Nope, Agnostic.

  • Yeah, I knew an impostor was going to act eventually. This is what happens when someone attempts to maintain an identity in the realm of individuals hidden in shadows.

    Evolution is basically adaptation over long periods. If a species can go their separate ways into different races, then wouldn't they be able to adapted much more differently given enough time? This long term adaptation difference is called evolution.

    So what? Are you a creationist then?

    - GG

  • Who was referring to a game?

  • When I said "What game?", it was short for "In which game are you referring to?"

    - GG

  • ^ Sorry, you're right. I am a dumbass and I seem to also accredit adaption to the complete evolving of one species to another... Who could not breed even with past species to keep that one mutation alive and we havent found any intermediate species at all but that is not that point. I hold firm in my faith of evolution.

    - GG

  • Who is mentioning a game you idiot? That is your name, not an acronym.

  • to make it easy and simple,paint your self white.

  • GG I agree to an extent. Living in a colder, less sunny climate causes small changes over a period of time, which is adaptation. Our ability to absorb the souls of other creatures, well that might be a mutation. :)

  • What game? StarCraft by any chance?

    In StarCraft, the Terran worker unit (the SCV) isn't "white". The SCV actually has "black" colored skin. A Terran player of a standard game of StarCraft simply can't win without SCVs.

    - GG

  • Macro vs Micro, GG.

  • I'm no expert, but apparently, a mutation developed in evolution, which caused some Africans (the initial humans) to lose more energy to heat when being active. This gave them the ability to travel north, to Europe, where it was colder, because the additional generation of heat was required to withstand the cold. This ability was at the expense of energy efficiency though.

    If you do not believe in evolution, well then how can you explain the development of the different human genetic ethnic groups? Have they always existed since the dawn of time?

    - GG

  • GG is an idiot. A negative mutation during evolution. Evolution is a joke just like GG

  • You wish to have an energy efficiency disorder? People of the "white" skin color are the descendants of people who received a negative mutation during evolution, which caused aditional energy to be wasted into heat energy during the exercise of active activities.

    I'm not sure what skin color you have, but if you are of the "black" skin color, you probably do not possess this energy efficiency disorder, depending on your ancestors.

    Regardless, we are all human beings at the end of the day (presuming that you are one, and not a robot or something), and the only valid judging and treating of us must be done through evidence of the content of our characters, and not our skin colors.

    - GG

  • I want zebra stripes!

  • What are you right now?

    Soemtimes I wish I were pink!


  • Well your not...sorry.

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