i can't stop thinking about food. about

i can't stop thinking about food. about how to avoid eating it, on if i can throw it away, on the calories or fat content on whatever i'm eating.

i'm five pounds lighter then i usually would be thanks to starving myself.

i think i might have a problem.

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  • eat a g****** sandwich. if you b**** about 5 pounds, you are either 6'1" and 90 pounds or you just took a dump that hurt your a******.

  • 5 pounds, big whoop. I lose more than that when I take a healthy dump.

  • thats how anorexia starts, and starving yourself will make you fatter in the long run, and don't even think about bulimia because it will make your cheeks swell up like a baloon.

    Eat want you want.
    as much as you want.
    but keep your life social and intersting
    and eating ok will become natural

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