I'm bulimic and I'm a guy. I feel like a chick when I make myself puke but I can't stop because I don't want to go over 110 pounds. I used to be on a ridiculous diet where I was barely eating anything, then I started eating a bunch of junk and felt guilty. Thus I started making myself puke. I can't tell my doctor because I'm afraid he's call me a p**** for acting like a teenage chick afraid she can't fit in her cheerleading uniform. F***.

Oct 21, 2010

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  • I wish I could hug you until the pain stops. <3 Guys are more attractive when they understand things.

    Your doctor will not make fun of you. Neither will anyone who counts.

  • Your doctor is not going to make fun of you. And if he does, he shouldn't be a doctor. Tell your parents, counselor or anyone you're comfortable with talking to about this. There is no shame or embarrassment in asking for help. Throwing up is dangerous, it can cause a lot of health problems even death. Control is one reason why people binge or purge. Your doctor can get you help so that you can stop what you're doing and give you information about proper nutrition and exercise so you can maintain a proper weight for your height. You have a really long life ahead of you. Get healthy today.

  • I also had an eating disorder (anorexia, which moved into binging without purging). It's hard - it becomes all you think about. But please, consider talking to your doctor. He or she will not judge you. They will want to help you. The sooner you start talking to someone about what you're experiencing, the sooner you can begin to live life feeling more comfortable with yourself and live healthily. You don't want to be tortured all the time and deprive your body of the nutrients it needs. Life is so much better when you don't spend every waking moment obsessing and hurting yourself. Please get help! Best of luck to you :)

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