Naked in front of mother in law

My wife and I went camping with my mother in law to Myrtle Beach Ocean Lakes. I went In to shower and when I came out my mother in law was just standing there while I was naked. She then told my wife that she saw me nude I was so embarrassed for my wife to know her mother had seen me. It seemed to turn my wife on . She had me stand up and the she yanked my swimsuit down exposing me again. She said she wanted to see her mother look at,e naked. The rest of the week if we were in the camper I was naked. Twice on the Beach they pants me to expose out on myrtle beach. Crazy week!

Oct 2, 2020

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  • I used to stay overnight at my future wife's house where she lived with her Mom. Of course in a separate bedroom.
    That was because she lived nearly 100 miles away, and they didn't want me driving home because sometimes we had a few drinks.
    One night I was just drifting off to sleep and she tapped on the door, I said come on in.
    She sat on the bed, said she just wanted to talk and get to know me, but she had on a robe which fell open and one of her t*** were bare.
    I have to admit, my girlfriend's Mom had a nice pair, about a "B' cup and no sag at all. I was sort of drunk so I reached up and cupped it. She just smiled, turned to me and began kissing me, and her hand went right to my c***. So, I ended up s******* my wife's Mom before I screwed her daughter.
    She actually told me after, "You will do just fine!" My wife still doesn't know, at least I think she doesn't. There was only one other time, same scenario.

  • I actually had something very similar happen to me. My wife wasn't so thrilled but her mom seemed happy

  • Then you woke up

  • I can understand your pain buddy when post something stupid and you don’t get comments except this one

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