Feminine clothes for son

We have 2 kids. Boy 11 girl 9. My wife buys our son some clothes from the girls section.

I don't mean obvious girls clothes like skirts. No hearts or flowers but just slightly girly clothes.

Things like denim short shorts and coloured girls pants and also boat neck tee shirts. Also she will buy tee shirts a couple of sizes too big and have him wear bike pants.

I guess the thing is I kind of think he looks cute. Especually when she buys the same clothes for both the boy and his sister.

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  • Little boys look cute in girl's clothing.

  • That's so cute. I think we will see a lot more feminine clothes for boys. I wonder though if it will go all the way to high heels and tights and dresses?

  • Wow, times have changed! When my little brother was 9, my dad caught him prancing around his bedroom wearing our little sister's pink panties. My dad, being an old-school type guy, almost blew a gasket, and warned my brother never to do it again. About a month later, our dad again caught my brother doing the same. Our mom - being the ever concerned mom that she is - asked our dad if he thought our brother needed therapy (this was back in the 80's), my dad responded: "Yeah, belt therapy.... my belt applied to his bare butt!" Upon hearing my brother cry out with each lick of "belt therapy", we knew he'd never wear panties again. And he never did. At least that we know of.

  • My mom was like this. Maybe that's why i cone to confession post. I was an only child and she bought "cute" clothes for me. She even used to dress me as a girl full on with a wig and a dress

  • Your wife needs to f****** quit too.

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