Skinny girls

I am extremely witty and charming, but i'm also very overweight. Ive convinced over a hundred girls that were out of my league to go on a single date, then I lie to them about a fake cancer that keeps me fat and moody, so they feel guilty enough to not leave me for about 9months on average. I have severe mooodswings, which is why I usually lose girls, and which is why I made up the cancer lie. I used to only use it on women, but now I find myself lying to strangers for special treatment and even bringing it up when i'd doesn't benefit me. My most recent girlfriend found out I did not have cancer after answering a call from my mom on my phone. She seemed pretty suspicious before that, tho.

I'm afraid I'm addicted to lying now, but who wouldn't be after having s** with beautiful women for a few years?


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  • If you're so witty, why are you acting like a fifth grader?

    Methinks the boy thinks a little too highly of himself, and is using his "wit" to make up a track record he's never had. This confession smelled from the first line, but then you went and straight up said you lie a lot. For that brief moment, you were honest.

  • If I were you I would come clean. You will never get anywhere in life with lies like this. People just feel pitty for you, which means no one will ever fall in love with you .even if they do, what you going to do then ? You will just break trust and heart of the girl whos willing to make you happy ?
    Be yourself. Join the gym, you will find friends, who will motivate you. It will turn your life around.

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