I became a vegetarian cause my friend

I became a vegetarian cause my friend talked me into it. I love that I became one of those people who care about animal cruelty. Peta.org.

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  • love and space

  • No matter what any vegetarian or PETA or anyone else similar does, I will still be able to eat meat, and I will, and I will enjoy it.

  • peta sucks. they are like people who say "i dont use animal tested products" then you find out that their main spokesperson uses insulin....so you know, they used basset hounds blood to figure out how to control diabetes. other quotes are "we work to save all abandoned pets in our care from being uthanized" then you find a freezer with 5k dead dogs and cats in it, on their property.

    if you are going to be an animal lover, be the good kind. realize some animals are stupid. Cows and Chicken, born with no brains or instinct. meant to be eaten. if you chose to eat vegetables over meat, thats cool. but you backing that horrible organization is sickening. they are hypocrites to the max.

  • ^ Somebody needs a nice juicy steak.

  • Faulty ideas. How the f*** is it faulty when I just said I was glad I went vegetarian. You guys have no f****** brain. Learn to read before you write. You mindless twats. F****** retards. How can you defend sonething where there was nothing to defend in the first place. Just a confession.. So stop trying to act so hard over the computer f*****' r*****..

  • I had a hamburger for lunch today, yum

  • Forget PETA. They are the dumbest organization alive. If they worried more about human rights than animal rights then I could understand.

  • I love wearing furs and eating meat! I love veal and lamb the most. . .yeah that's right the baby animals!

  • ^Yeah, they are p***** because they looked like an idiot while trying to praise up their faulty ideals.

  • ^Yes well we're giving our PERSONAL opinions, you know what you're in for when you post on this website.

  • Haha, wow. Isn't this a confession space? Stop judging, this was a PERSONAL confession, he wasn't saying being a vegetarian is the only way, he said he was happy HE did it. So get over yourself and go f*** your cousin you inbred bastards.

  • yum yum, nothing I like better than animal flesh!

  • ^^LMAO The only person that got p***** off was you, now go chomp a lettuce leaf you waste of space.

  • I gotta say that I really like all the work they do with naked women in cages. They should do a lot more of that. I could look at that s*** all day. It would probably stop me in my tracks on the way to Mickey D's! I mean, I'd get a burger anyway, but I'd DEFINITELY come back to look some more.

  • People do choose. I wasn't trying to get people to be vegetarians. Tells me how well you can read you dip s***... I'm thorugh. Go veg. And stop killing animals. Hope that p***** you off. D*** head... C*** sucker..

  • peta.com is a freaky f***** up place.

  • ^No man PETA teaches loves for the four footers in this world! They show us the way man! Listen to me cause I've been brainwashed by their bullshit dude, I know I'm right! Don't harsh the vibes of PETA dude! PETA loves animals man, and thats what its about! Love man, its about love!

    Super Hippie

  • ^^^^You judged and criticized in your own comment, you don't want people to judge when its against PETA is all. PETA is one of the most close minded groups of people I've ever met.

  • ^No way, the holy cult of PETA teaches that we are vegetarians, and that we shouldn't use animals for medical research. Keep in mind that the vice president of PETA is diabetic and uses a product of animal research (insulin). I guess that doesn't make her a hyprocrite or anything.

  • ^Oh would you shut the h*** up. Its personal choice, judging from every dumbass post you've made its all about that right? If someone chooses to eat meat thats fine, right? No? Why, you are against personal choice in this matter? We are animals dumbass, and we are omnivores at that.

  • Killing animals so you can f****** eat something not even nessacery. So look out side the box and try something new. I did and it's been great since. Face clears up. And a healthier body in my opion..

  • A fox ripping up a rabbit, hm sounds like nature dumbass. And as for using animal products for fertilizer...are you f****** retarded? They use animal s***, not animal parts. Any who, this wasn't about personal opinions in the first place, this is for people to confess things that they want to say in private, not to be criticized and judged, so let's leave well enough alone.

  • ^An all vegetarian diet is actually less healthy... But an all meat diet is less healthy then an all vegetarian one, by far.

  • That's great if you want to be a vegetarian and eat healthy, but don't think that eating veggies will result in zero animal deaths. Animal parts and by-products from processing plants are used to make fertilizer for those fruits and veggies. So in a roundabout way you're still pulling animals into the equation unless you eat plants that are 100% naturally grown.

  • ^What does that have anything to do with anything? They are mindless creatures, we can't teach them how to not be d**** to other animals.

  • Yeah, when a fox rips a living rabbit apart that's a painless death, right?

  • Also, almost everybody cares about animal cruelty you dumbass. They just don't act smug about it like you over something that should be normal.

  • Exactly they display propoganda on their website to urge people to be vegetarians. Why else do they have cruelty videos all over their site? You need to stop being so close minded. Not everywhere has cruel methods of killing the animals unless you think killing the animals is cruel. So we should probably define it more so to painful, which most places dont do or they get shut down. There are guildlines for this s***.

  • Look into it before you mouth off. Basically everywhere has cruel methods of killing their animals, and peta, also urges people to be vegetarians, that what it has to do with it. People should stop being so close minded.

  • They probably still do dumb ass.their everywhere. But I'm done with this you guys are stupid

  • No s*** they have videos on their website to show the worst case scenarios and I do mean worst case. They show you places that got shut down FOR BEING CRUEL. It is propaganda to make you think all the places are like that.

  • P eople
    E ating
    T asty
    A nimals

  • Meat is tasty tasty murder! A dead cow is much better than my empty stomach.

  • Cause I've seen videos filmed by peta going undercover to stop animal cruelty. They show you hoe bad they treat the animals and how they are killed and beat before they die. And peta provides thoughs videos for you to see on their website or you sign up and recive videos..

  • You are right, vegetaism is good but most people like Goku more then Vegeta. What does animal cruelty have to do with it? DO YOU BEAT ANIMALS? What about Peta why are they added in to this? Yeah, they don't really do anything but claim they are helping a lot. But besides that.

    - Hestacley Tairs

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