I found a girl I liked, I was on the brink of telling her but she basically started going out with someone a week after.

I thought I could get over it, so we became just friends. We became best friends, all the while I just fell in love. I tried every stupid act to try and get her to split up with her boyfriend, subtly, but none of it worked. I tried to spoil their relationship.

Eventually I told her, and we ended up having a sort of relationship behind his back.

I look back and I can't believe how I acted, I was completely selfish to her boyfriend, he did nothing to deserve the way I acted. I ruined it for them in the end, even though they were in love, just because I got tunnel vision and couldn't think of anyone but myself.

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  • You saw the error of your ways. Move on.
    How old are you?

    This girl and I love each other but she's dating someone. It's hard but we act as friends should. The guy she is dating is good to her.

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