Confession: I can't control my sexual need.

I have been married for more than five years. We have two kids. It was an arrange marriage and I was very young when I got married. He is in a job where he has to transport goods, so many times he has to remain out of town. I am from a very conservative family so I was never allowed to go out partying at night or drink. I met a young guy two years ago. I found him very attractive. At first I was little flirt, but soon we became friends. I went to a night club for the first time with him only. We became very close. Many times I used to stay in his place at night. We used to do many sexual fantasy, experiments, swinging.

But when he asked me to leave my husband and live with him as he was going to USA, then I found out that I love my family and do care about my husband. Me and my husband are not sexually compatible but I think I love him as he is only person I know after my parents. He took care of me when no one was there.
But at same time I has some sexual needs. I am in a dilemma.

I am waiting for your comments. Please help.


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  • You have an serios dilemma which may require you to either stay frustrated, or self service, or find an secret lover?
    Not an easy choice

  • Don't ask for serious advise here.
    Love the one you love.

  • Don’t think too much. I want to make love to you whole day and night and won’t ask you to leave your husband. We have some needs to be fulfilled so you are just looking for that. I am willing to suck all the sexual venom from your crotch please give a chance to eat the pink rose down below

  • If your husband knew what you had done, he or his family would have you burned or maimed with acid for the dishonor you have brought upon them. For this reason, you should leave. There is no such thing as an arranged marriage. You were compelled and coerced into it. And, as you say you admit you are not sexually compatible with your husband, you nonetheless slept with him at least twice, or did he force himself upon you ? Did you feel duty bound to bare him children ?. What you feel for your husband is not love, but rather like what a captive feels for their captor after a while. It's called Stockholm syndrome. Your whole situation has been caused and compounded by the unquestionable and unfathomable controlling evil that is religion. Break the cycle and save your children from the same fate.

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