I was at the store buying crap to eat

I was at the store buying crap to eat, today, and the actual meaning of life occourred to me. It's never occourred to anyone else I have ever known of, before, and I am pretty sure that almost anyone that figured it out would have told people, and word would have gotten around, which is why I believe that I am the first person to figure it out. No one has ever reached the conclusion that I have, before. I know the actual meaning of life. In fact, many of you do, too, you just haven't realized it. It has nothing to do with religion, so don't go off thinking I'm just going to bombard you with bullshit about god, or whatever. I know the actual meaning of life and I am going to tell you it, tomorrow, at about the same time. I'm serious. This is the real meaning of life. Just check back some time later, tomorrow, and I will post it here - the actual meaning of life revealed on confessionpost.


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  • Deliberate confusion. someone was bullying me off facebook all the time. and I hope someone bullies that person back.

  • Why would I listen to anyone's view of life who buys crap to eat for lunch? A toilet is not a pantry. How does s*** taste anyway?

    Harry Testacles

  • Its interesting when folks talk about the 'meaning' of life without explaining which aspect of life they mean. Why are we here? Its a gift from previous generations. We're standing on the shoulders of giants.

    Next is the reason of life on a macro-biological level. Why the h*** did those first cellular organisms decide to keep making copies of themselves. Why is there that need to live. How can things at the atomic level make an organism.

    You can see how evolution works by inspecting things like fluke worms. Its neat.

    And good lord I hope the site spamming robots that don't enter proper text.

  • wow, that sounds so intersting. i didn't know God bought "crap" to eat.

  • ^ Yeah, I can't wait for this one.

  • shut up lol

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