I live for a moment of purpose that will never come.

The universe is pointless and life has no meaning. We're all chunks of flesh and bone that will be reduced to nothing more than particles in the time we die. I f****** hatge this reality for the lack of meaning, the absolute pointlessness of our primordial soup. And I don't know why I'm limited to this one experience, whereas I could have been anybody else. If I can only live my life as one organism, does that mean reality is relative without purpose? A universal experience which fractures any drive to do? Either way, nothing matters. It will all be gone, and that keeps me awake, until I sleep for eternity.

Oct 28

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  • Boobies I love Boobies -Matthew Prior

  • At a biological level the primary purpose is to reproduce.
    At a emotional level you can have s*** load of enjoyment along the way.
    At a societal level you can be a part of a big picture.
    At a spiritual level you can get a feeling of connectedness to something bigger.

  • You cannot know that your moment will never come. You must simply keep on looking and evaluating, knowing that you WILL find it and it will find you. Never give up. Never surrender! Be well!

  • This is a pretext to push people towards religion, because this is the reality we live in and pretty much an Atheist perspective of existence. but if you're sincere in your search for meaning and happiness, well that's what life is about, you find it as you go, according to your society and circumstances. If you're not happy in 1 place, go another until you find where you're comfortable to build a life and happiness, you don't "find them", you see what you like, what makes you happy, but you have to make sure that what makes you happy is good for you and other, and you'll see what you need to do. Thousands of small things to do and decide in a life, opportunities that are given, taken, and produced, but you have to get going

  • As it never occurred to you that you can’t get something from nothing. The universe doesn’t exist by mistake. That’s illogical. Your life does have meaning. You’re not here by mistake. Purpose isn’t success or money fame or power. There is a God otherwise nothing would exist. And yet an all powerful God doesn’t need anything so he doesn’t need us. That means if we exist it’s because he wants us to exist. God simply wants to share his infinite goodness with us out of love. We exist as a gift of love to share in God‘s amazing life. That’s a lot of meaning if you believe. And you have no reason not to believe because the fact that universe exists is the biggest clue of all pointing to the truth that God is real and you were created by God out of love to have a relationship with him for eternity. Just try thinking about that and you won’t feel like life is meaningless anymore.

  • Join a religion, like the Mormons. Religion gives purpose and mission for even after you die. Proven very effective in dealing with death, dying and your own mortality. Just choose the religion for yourself wisely

  • Mormons consider themselves to be Christians, but Mormonism is not a "religion" per se, because it elevates a human --- Joseph Smith --- to divine status, and considers its own text as equivalent to the Bible. I won't say it's a "cult", although many, many others have done so. However, Mormonism is not on an equal or comparable footing with Catholicism or any of the mainstream Protestant denominations. Just my two cents.

  • I like the mormons have multiple wives. I'd become mormon to have a couple of beautiful submissive wives.

  • Yet you will die a virgin just the same.

  • LOL! That's pretty good. And as they say . . . . two wives is two too many, and one wife is one too many.

  • I don't really care about beautiful and submissive. I I just want my woman to be young and blonde and super super dirty.

  • The good news is that you have the freedom and the ability to give your life ANY meaning you choose. The better news is that if you aren't happy with the meaning you select, you can change it at ANY time. The best news is that God loves you. And so do many others. Look up and be well, my friend.

  • If everything is pointless, feel free to stop whining because it doesn't matter. Go find a corner somewhere else and stay quiet until you start to rot.

  • Damn you m*********** who the h*** are you to belittle someone they might be strong as u think u r a****** so if you cannot respect atleast don’t disrespect or just die. B***** judgemental fucktoadd

  • U.R. H***

  • Your the problem. Catering to the whinning of an ungrateful brat. If you choose to be scientific and atheistic then you can reap the rewards of being this way. That's their choice. It's tell them this, This has been going on for ever. You're not the first to come up with this point of view. It's boring.
    Rewrite your post in the opposite meaning.
    For instance, crying about being anyone else. Many many would love to be in your place instead of the crap they are in and h*** they live in !

  • I would have recommended s** but there is no point kissing some one who is emotion less and just sleeping with you for the sake of money or some benefit. I have similar things here. Morning oh no another day i have to live roaming pointless..sitting infront of laptop for 8 hours... all this just to die one day when already dead inside

  • Just go have some amazing s** and blow off all that anxiety. Use o***** therapy to feel better!

  • Https://www.bitchute.com/video/D0RN8vHfEaTi/

  • If any reader is thinking of checking the cited, let me save you the trouble and the waste of time: don't do what I did. It is miserable propaganda, insulting to named individuals and groups. Find something better (or less filled with excrement) to do with your time. Please. Among the things we aren't supposed to do here is include external links in our posts. Somehow this fecal material got through. Go spend your time elsewhere.

  • Welcome to the club. We all feel this from time to time. Hope to meet you in an afterlife as a new organism.😳

  • It will not just "come". You must seek it out.

  • Agreed. The OP is a miserable c*** with no life.
    Me ? I love life but it goes so quickly !
    I've always been busy .
    I'm 58 now and ut feels like was 17 last week ! What happened !

    I've got all I want.
    I own my property and a lovely BMW sports car .
    I have more food than I can eat plus I'm about to retire at 58years old.
    It's taken of work but it was worth it. I didn't spend my life whingeing and feeling sorry for myself.
    Take note OP.
    Get off your a*** and name a life for yourself. Nobody will do it for you.

  • Create meaning

  • Yes^ yes^ yes^! Life in general and your life in particular will surely have no meaning unless you give it one. Likewise your life will not encompass more than a single experience or frame of reference until you add more!!!! Get busy buckaroo! Live it up!

  • Yeah but in the end it will all be wiped out by time, what’s the point?

  • Some things don't ever wipe out you can have a legacy

  • "Sha la la la la la
    Live for today"

    The Grass Roots

  • The point of life is to find a herd or group people that not only enable your growth as a human they also create a path toward a better future for the people that come after your pass away. Never give up on becoming a better human. I promise you that you are not done growing, please don't fall into the stereotypical ignorance that there is no point to life. There is always is point to life you need to seek deeply to find what means the most to you. I am human that will always love mankind for better or worst.

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