Drunk f*ck

I just want some guy to get me really drunk to the point where i can barely stand up and then f*ck me until I beg him to stop. I want him to be sober or at least more sober than me and take advantage of every part of my body.

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  • I wouldn't stop if you begged me. I don't think you want that. I think you like the rape fantasy. I would keep f****** you hard and rough long after you said stop, even through the tears. And you would love every second of it and c** harder and longer than you ever have before. I'd f*** your ass till you were gaping wide and f*** your mouth until you were choking on my c***. You'd wake up the next day, sore in all your holes, drenched in my c** wondering where I was, but you'd never see me again, until a few years later and you're married but when seeing me you know you want the same night again...

  • I've done this to my fiance on several occasions. Only problem is she doesn't mind it but also remembers none of it so chances are you won't have any idea what happened the night before and that will be scary if you're not with someone you trust. The "taking advantage" fantasy is still valid though maybe you need to find a guy to tie you up and blindfold so you don't just have to be blasted.

  • And i guess have them charged with rape

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